1. Thanks for the chapter. I believe her speaking in third person is some of the childishness of her body coming through, since children in Japan will often use there name instead of a pronoun.

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  2. So why was her Mother distant? that isnt explained at all will she continue to be distant? and is that boy her Brother? illegitimate?


  3. . ∧,_,∧ 
    .⊂   ノ   ・゜+.
    . し’´J  ☆*・ °。。
    .     /\   Thanks!! Nepu!!!
    .    / ★∴ \  Merry Christmas!
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    *snife* poor mc and mc mama
    Thank you for the chapter


  4. Don’t tell me she actually die from sickness and everyone just tell Maria that mommy divorce her dad to cover it up? Mom could avoid MC because she doesn’t want her to be worry about her.


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