1. Thanks for the new chapter! O_o They spent so much time chatting that they never discussed the all important ‘why they couldn’t meet?’ Wow. If their separation was a scheme, the two would have been permanently separated.


  2. Frankly, from the start, I get the feeling that the mother did’t quit her husband and daughter because she wanted to.
    She is probably very sick and dying.
    Mariabell couldn’t met her probable because they didn’t want her to know that her mother was dying…

    Thanks for the chapter.


  3. The jury is out till we get her side of the story, better be a good one, if not thats 3 years worth of bridges that need mending.


  4. Im just gunna go on a random tangent here and say the father is a yandere. And he wants them both to himself, without being happy with each other. Something like, im the only one allowed to make you happy. You cant be happy with anyone else.
    Many thanks!


  5. 「Are you alright?」

    Child speak of ‘yes’ not ai for ‘love’, use ‘yhes’

    I’ll try to find any errors in the future chapters too


    • Depending on how you interpret it, it can sound like I do not want to be involved with my mother.

      [Depending on how you interpret it, it can sound like HE do not want ME to be involved with mother.]


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