1. Oh thank, it wasn’t anything that can’t be resolved. So that means the whole misunderstanding got out of hand that’s why they divorced, because they both think it was for the best. Hurting themselves and Maria in the process.


  2. Our house has a joke that about half of all manga/anime tragedies could have been prevented with a 5-minute conversation . (Particularly bad offenders find us howling “5 MINUTES” at the tv. Our neighbors must think we’re insane.) I’m adding novels to the rule, and I’m glad to see someone doing something sensible? about it.

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  3. What kind of crap ass excuse was that? she all but ignored her 4 year old kid, shunned her through her servants, what the hell was she thinking?

    23 years old and still such a coward, a useless coward, I dont blame him one bit, according to her he tried to express himself but she outright rejected him over and over.

    Self esteem issues? dont make me laugh youre a grown ass woman, you rejected both your husband and child, you dont deserve shit and youre fucking lucky you got a 2nd chance like that.

    Sweet? bullshit. Id call that neglect and send social services on your ass, if it existed and requested emancipation from a stupid useless Mother who did fuck all to raise maria, I also want those fuck off servants to get their asses beat.


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