1. thank you for the translation and your hard work! and dang, when I realized it was from his point of view, I was really hoping to see the magic usage for his POV, lol still cliffy I guess. xD


  2. Still, he’s completely useless as a tutor…is that pity? Or because you got used to him and find it bothersome to have another tutor?
    You should have made him your attendant or something and hired a tutor to teach you knowledge at your level and magic


  3. Thanks for the chapter. However, I think you should take some reference about the names from chapter 2 if it is possible. For example, I really do think “Beruderia” should have been “Belldelia” due to how the Japanese have to replace their L’s with R’s becuase of their language. I also thought Maria’s full name was “BelMaria” and not “Mariabell,” but I am not sure if the author changed it or if there was some kind of mistake.

    I hope that helps. Also, good luck


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