Otome Game Rokkushuume 16 Part 2

(ED: For all future chapters: “Beruderia” changed to “Belldelia” and saint attribute to holy attribute)

(“Okusama” in this chapter by Greas is referring to Belldelia in case you didn’t know; “okusama” roughly means “your wife” )

(Also chapter 16 is actually split into two parts by the author)

Chapter 16 Part 2


  1. Ohhhh~
    “「Because Maria-sama…..is important」

    To those words the head had a complicated expression, but still gently stroked my head.”
    Confession of a lolicon? And a father who doesn’t want to hand his daughter~
    Thanks for the chapter!


  2. lol, +1 Harem or Acquisition of an Oni-sama like character or both? :3 fufufufufufu. This was very awww for me. And I lol’ed at dad’s complicated expression :3


  3. The moment where father started to view someone as a son and a brother figure for his daughter, but also doubting whether he actually a lolicon and a heavy siscon.


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