Otome Game Rokkushuume 21

(TLN: Posting this week’s chapters early because I will be unavailable for the remainder of this week)

Chapter 21



  1. This mc…. one thing i never understood about those novels, is the fact that the mc’s KNOW that things will go bad if they dont do something, then why the fuck do they not do shit? “i dont wanna disappoint my parents!” the fuck? wouldn’t they dislike FORCING YOU TO DO SOMETHING more than letting you stay home with the pretense of being sick?
    The problem with these stories is that the mc aren’t desperate AT ALL, and they dont even fucking do anything to change the scenarios and instead just lets it happen while thinking about how pitiful they are.

    <.< thanks for the chapter but with the last sentence of this chapter, i sincerely hope she starts acting rather than despairing. (She could also just IGNORE The prince and other capture targets… it isn't like she is FORCED TO FALL FOR HIM or anything, i mean the "dead end" is pretty pointless if you dont fucking fall for him and start acting the way she did in the last lives………..)


    • I think the main problem is the fact that she’s nobility. My only exposure is a bunch of books/novels/light novels/manga (clearly, very concrete sources of knowledge… haha;;) but there seems to be a lot of rules in high society, and even if she’s a child there are some things that can seem very improper, especially since the one she’s trying to avoid is the prince of the country. It’d look very bad for her and her family if she actively and clearly avoids the royal family and would probably be taken as a sign of disrespect. It’s also probably not possible for her to avoid them forever; even if she doesn’t go to this party, it’s really only delaying the problem…

      But also this isn’t just a scenario anymore but it’s her actual life now, so even if she has knowledge of the basic plotline of the game, she has no way of knowing if her actions will actually produce positive results– one wrong move could make everything worse. She’s also never met the prince or the other capture targets, so even if she thinks of a plan at this point in time she has no grasp of their personality or how they would respond to her actions, so she will have to be careful in any case and respond to what they do.

      >> don’t do anything to change scenarios
      A bit different but I refer to Akari from Akuyaku Reijou wa Ringoku no Oitashi ni Dekiai Sareru who I think probably used ‘normal’ actions/logic to become engaged to the prince. Kind of the exact opposite of what Maria is going for, but I think that ‘changing the current situation’ thing applies. That’s not saying she’s bad for acting naturally (but actively seducing someone/being rude about it is not okay) but this goes back to that high-society rules thing

      Sorry for the long reply, I know it seems like she didn’t do much, but I think Maria’s trying to do her best _(:’3/


    • What confuses me more is that it’s not like the bad ending is going to happen as long as they don’t do the evil stuff the character original did. Like, there’s no reason for meeting the capture targets to cause any problems if she doesn’t act crazy like in the original story.


  2. Wooo!!! So cute! and sweet! and despairing! XD

    Best of luck not triggering any flags!!!! XD

    *gets out pitons*

    *gets out a hammock*


    Dun worry about me! I’ll be here camped out on the side of the cliff until the next chapter~~~

    Thanks so much for all your hard work and have a good week!!!!


  3. I really like those “Oh crap” moments in this novel, even though it’s mostly her panicking and coming to conclusion without actually looking at all of the data.

    I mean, even if she assumes that she is going to be on auto mode during the “game’s events”, she already changed not only her own back story and motivations but also the hidden character’s, so it’s unlikely that it would repeat exactly like the game.

    But it’s nice to see a novel like this once in a while, where the character is not artificially made as a genius that excels in everything and is able to outsmart everyone.

    Thanks for the chapters and looking forward to the rest of the story.


  4. This should be interesting. Though most likely rather than entering a destruction route, her wariness and determination NOT to get involved with those guys will probably have the reverse effect. We’re going to likely end up with her hijacking the heroine’s harem……

    Thanks for the chapter.


  5. When I realized this was the last chapter available, I cried a little on the inside.
    (I lied: I actually cried a lot. I wailed dramatically. )

    Thank you for the translations~


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