1. Mari, say ‘ok’ and go back to snack hunt. Who care about some random girl, just try stay polite and savor the royal dessert. Brownie is love! Brownie is life!


  2. Preview of next chapter(at least my headcanon):
    Maria: Not as disgusting as your personality, though.

    Keito(who snuck into the party for shits and giggles): Damn son, sick burn!

    All the party-goers(in unison, obviously): Ooooooooohhh!


  3. Maria-sama (Headspace): Awful child. So what if you’re a member of the royal family? You’re just a branch member. You are nothing compared to the chocolately goodness of brownies! Begone!


  4. “It was a mistake that I got my hopes up for a extraordinary bloodline from the past duke as a candidate to marry”.
    Both Mariabell and Francis are girls? Who was she expecting to marry?


  5. so that girl is going to be the villainess that go again marie chan? seem a pain in the next with ome strong ego but my guess is she was planing to marry marie sensei or something like that


  6. “Well, I am glad it is my eyes that are found disgusting, and not my personality.” Proceed to give a polite smile, curtsy, say a vague polite goodbye and resume looking for brownies.

    Or, “Even if my eyes are disgusting, at least I do not need to insult others to feel good about myself,” with a cold smile if you like a more direct insult.

    Unfortunately, the chances of her saying something like this are practically nonexistant.

    Le sigh~


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