1. There was nothing nice in what that guy did, shit stirring is what he was doing, nothing nice about what he did, it was a very minor scuffle, but he went and told the prince about it, its definitely a shit stir.


  2. I like how normal her reaction is. She just don’t like them due to the actual experience during the auto mode and rather not getting involve with them, not some over dramatic ‘I’m definitely gonna die if I as much as stay near them’ like in some other otomege. And those one only get knowledge from playing games too, not personal experience of the event.


  3. Thank you for the chapter! Luckily, these harem members haven’t been sullied by the heroine yet; their actually polite, and act like how role models should be.


  4. “So please do not object, to be honest it is annoying how blown out of proportion this is.”

    DEM RIGHT! my favorite lines yet


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