Watashi wa Teki ni Narimasen! 10

Chapter 10



  1. Thank you!

    Its probably a monitoring stone! (*_*)
    So the Thorn Princess can keep an eye on her. Because she said several suspicious things that she’s not supposed to know about..


  2. I don’t know why no one thinks that the Thorn Princess might like girls. Jeez.The reason why she probably doesn’t harm young boys might be because that before puberty, boys don’t look or act particularly different from girls (for the most part). A young boy dressed like a girl can usually pass as one because masculine features haven’t defined themselves yet. This means she might be more tolerant of young boys because they resemble girls.

    Besides, the Thorn Princess said that she gives the pendant to all of the girls who entered the forest. Maybe its a love token and a way to keep track of her love interests. This is all some speculation and food for thought


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