How Is It My Fault That I Look Like a Girl! Prologue

Translator: LP
Editor: Oracle



A sudden burst of ringing awakens me from my sleep.

I slowly reached my hand out from under the bed sheets and turned off the alarm.

“Ah~~” I stretched out my arms lazily and then sat up on my bed. I opened the curtains, sunlight immediately shined onto my body.

“Looks like the weather is nice today, I should get up soon, I can’t be late on the first day of the new semester, if I’m late who knows what the homeroom teacher will say……” I said to myself.

I quickly put on my school uniform, then brushed my teeth in the bathroom.

I looked at myself in the mirror, the area under my eyes were covered with dark circles, both eyes were dull, to put it bluntly they looked like dead fish eyes. Along with my long bangs that almost completely covered my eyes, yes that’s right, I stayed up all night playing video games yesterday, and I haven’t cut my hair for an entire break already.

As you can see, I am socially withdrawn.

How did I become socially withdrawn?As for that I also forgot……

I slowly finished my brushing, and grab a piece of bread and a bottle of milk from the kitchen before hastily rushing out.

Because my parents are out of town on business the only person at home is me, their was no one to prepare breakfast for me, so I could only take care of it myself…….

As soon as I left the house, sunlight shot towards me. Because it’s still spring, the sunlight upon my body was nice and warm, so it was very comfortable.

“Hey!Ling Yan!Ling Yan!“

“Ha…ha…I…say you…ah, why…didn’t you….wait..I….am exhausted…”

Not far behind me a person came running up.

“Ahh, sorry, I didn’t notice you.” I replied.

This person is my friend Li Ming, his appearance is ordinary, grades ordinary, in short just your average high school student.

“By the way did you just spend you entire break playing video games in your house, your hair is even longer than before, aren’t you going to cut it?”“

“Since my hair is this long I’m surprised you still recognized me.” “

“Tch, look at how many years we’ve been friends already, how could we not recognize each other?”“

“We’ve only known each other since upon entering high school though……”

“Ugh… long as you know, why did you have to say it out loud, can’t you at least let me act cool……”

We continue exchanging words here and there, and before we knew it we had already arrived in front of the school gates.

“I heard there is a new transfer student this semester!”Li Ming looked expectantly at me.

“What does that have to do with me?”I answered coolly.

“Don’t be like that, think about it, if it’s a girl……”

“What about it?”It’s not like you can get her.” I interrupted his delusions, in the end it’s not like any girl would go after guys like him.

“What happens if it’s a guy?”“

“Come on don’t be like that, we at least have to hold onto a bit of hope, right?”“

As expected, this guy just never changes….

Well, whatever, I can’t be bothered to argue with him.

“Students, everyone quiet down now!I have an announcement to make.” The homeroom teacher said while tapping the podium with her pointer. “We have a new student coming to class today, everyone get along with him~let’s now have the new student introduce himself, everyone give him a warm welcome~”

*Clap *clap *clap…..after Teacher Liu finished speaking, we all applauded

A vibrantly handsome boy walked in.

“Hello everyone, my name is Cheng Zixi”

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