I Chose to Fake My Death Prologue

Translator: LP
Editor: Oracle

Prologue: The Meeting with the Girl

“You know, I actually hated my gender for a very long time now.”

Those were the words that I spat out at that moment.

My name is Yang Jing, or could also be pronounced Yangjing. Well, who knows, anyways it’s all in the past now.

I was born in a third-class city. Though I say city, perhaps it’s merely only a village, the public facilities are also rather regular. The city is rather small, one could even walk to end of the city in a matter of minutes.

“This village is pretty nice!”

I often say this but I was merely mocking myself, not content with being ordinary.

Later on I realized it was not all smooth sailing like I thought it was.

Perhaps it was because of my anorexia so I couldn’t obtain the sufficient amount of nutrition, thus my body was rather weak and I would often be bullied by my fellow classmates and would usually end up crying.

After moving on to middle school by myself, this kind of situation became even more ferocious. In order to “survive” at my school I began to reject everyone around me, but what about it?What will come will come.

“Because I am in a bad mood so I want to bully someone.”

For a reason like that I was beaten up by three or four people that were way taller than me and sent to the hospital.

“Fortunately, there is no damage to the bone so it’s nothing big.” Was what my mother said.

If only I was a girl…….was what I thought.

If I was a girl then boys wouldn’t come and pick on me. And it would save mother a lot of trouble…

Carrying such a plain thought I ended up moving on to high school. But I was still afraid…of this place…

Just like that, I became the person who had the least presence in the farthest edge of the corner.

I was already unwilling to come into contact with any other person anymore…

Under these circumstances, I came into contact with the 2-D world, began to use it, and surfed through it everyday and every night.

“You’re a girl right?”

A person on QQ asked me that…

“I really like your personality can we be friends?”

Friends, what is that?I don’t know. I only knew that he was very nice to me and liked to talk with me, and willing to chat  with me everyday.

“You’re a boy!”

“So it’s like that, a transsexual?”

“I have something I need to do, talk to you later!”

But he never did came back to talk with me, I also just waited there, waiting for him to come find me.

In the end he never did came back and one day he disappeared off my contact list. When I hastily tried to add him back I then realized that I was completely unable to add him.

I felt like I had lost something, my heart felt empty. At that time I cried for a very long time and was deeply hurt.

“Why am I not a girl?! Why!I can’t have a single person stay by me just because of this?! I don’t want this……”

I continued to go to school but there was no change. I had no friends and no one to face, my facial expressions had already became paralyzed; nothing to be happy about, nothing to be mad about, and I no longer had any emotional fluctuation.

Why…..why not…..it’s just merely that…..

A person on the sidewalk stared blankly while talking to himself not noticing the drifting leaves blown down by the wind.

“Do you want to change?”

“Who’s there?”I lifted my head and looked around: it was cute and lovely looking girl.

“If you want to change, I can help you…help you change into a cute and adorable little girl.”

“Is…Is it true…….”



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    • In that case how about just no romance at all? I would much rather the MC be like that than attracted to guys. He will still be a guy on the inside.


      • Homophobia? you dont want a female MC to like guys because shes a “guy” on the inside…. wow, who cares who people like?


  1. If you want help in translating or editing I’ll gladly help since I am fluent in Chinese and English. I also want more people to read this cause it gets really stupidly funny.


    • This was just a teaser so I wasn’t planning on continuing translations for it. But if you or anyone else would like to pick up the series please do.


      • If I do translate it will be my first so i don’t know if you would be still willing to host the translations? Since there won’t be anywhere else to post 😐


      • Sure, I can still host it please use the “Contact Us” to send me an email if you want to continue discussions.


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