I Chose to Fake My Death 02

This translation is done by 8u!

TL Note: In this chapter the ID names of the characters I’ll translate parts of them to make them make sense but if they don’t I’ll keep them in Pinyin format. ID:奔跑的蜗牛 ~ Running Snail    ID:安子橙 ~ Anzi Orange, Anzi for short(I changed to this because it sounds like a proper username and Pinyin makes it AnZiCheng which is stupid and hard to remember. )  ID:UNSC ~ UNSC (duh)   ID:魔法少年 ~ Magical Teen (This one is annoying since 少年 is young people and I wanted to call it mahou shounen but that’s japanese.. Unless you guys like it). Please tell me if you don’t like a name and want pinyin/another translation and I’ll try to make it sound better.

This chapter is also mainly about him/her playing league of legends so feel free to read up to my note and skip the rest.

>>>Here is Chapter 02<<<

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