1. Another way to do this is lengthen the release schedule. I sees you are listing it as 3 per weeks, that definitely not feasible with just one person (unless you’re Estelle), maybe switch it to 2, or change one serie to monthly release. That will alleviate the burden abit.
    Thanks for your work!

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    • Yes, that is an option, 3 per week is the best I can manage right now for everyone, I really want to do more but currently not possible with my schedule, appreciate the support Diarek.


  2. Chuu2 is chugging along just fine (aka at a snail’s pace), independent of everything else being translated here. Reminder that if you don’t want a series to be dropped, and have a lot of time on your hands, then apply to join as a (Machine) TL. It’ll help Kita out a lot.


  3. There is bias in the poll. Many people come here from Novel Updates to read Automode 52 in particular. The people reading other series but not Automode wouldn’t have their opinions accounted for and people who are reading only Automode won’t give other series a fair chance.

    As for my opinion, Not to Compete and Create Dolls is developing nicely and there looks like there is a major plot point coming soon.
    I want to see more of Teki ni Narimasen. I like LNs where the character becomes stronger over time through effort. I also like that the plot tension is consistently maintained through the use of flags (like the forest princess giving the Chekhov’s necklace to the protag or the wizard in the latest chapters).
    Ringoku no Outaishi is pretty good but I haven’t caught up to it yet. I don’t like the passiveness of the protag.
    Automode often falls into a lull in the story which can get pretty boring at times. There isn’t any foreshadowing or major flags so there isn’t much anticipation for the next chapter.

    In terms of “on # users’ reading list” metrics from Novel Updates:
    Automode: 3168
    Ringoku no Outaishi: 2604
    Login Bonus: 3983
    Not Compete and Create Dolls: 4346
    Narimasen: 1922

    So if you are going for numbers, Dolls would be the best series to keep.


    • Your reply is bias to. The users’ reading list numbers mean very little most people have lots of novel they don’t really read on there list. But going by your logic it would be better to use the NovelUpdates star rating

      Akuyaku Reijou 4.5 / 5.0
      I Decided to Not Compete 4.1 / 5.0
      Automode 4.4 / 5.0
      Skill Up with Login Bonus 3.5 / 5.0
      Watashi wa Teki ni Narimasen 4.4 / 5.0

      so by this rating Akuyaku Reijou would be the best series to keep.


  4. I just want to warn, this pool may get slightly biased towards the Automode ga Kiremashita because of the post tile, I suggest you to reopen the pool in a new post neutral to all series.


  5. I like every one!, I actually like and enjoy reading Skill Up (It was the one that made me return to Light and Web Novels BTW), But, if compared to the other ones…. I prefer to continue reading Automode and Teki ni narimasen… While I will actually miss Skill Up, if it gets stoped


  6. I voted for Automode. But I think, maybe changing the release a bit, like, now is 3 per week, how about changing it to 3 per 2 weeks or 2 per week?


  7. I voted for Watashi wa Teki ni Narimasen!; while I enjoy all the novels, of the ones listed, it is the one that is already completed, so there wouldn’t be an interruption due to lack of chapters from the author, at least. Also, it seems to have interesting political and magic plot, which is more rare when it comes to genres and themes of novels I’ve read.

    Automode would be my second choice. I have enjoyed it so far, but since it still is in a genre type that’s a little easier to find, I’d rank it second among the list.

    Dolls seems to be on a hiatus as on syosetu, the author seems to be focused on a different webnovel. Not sure, since I haven’t read any author’s notes.

    All things being equal I’d say translate the one you enjoy though, even if it’s a new title!


    • I generally enjoy all the series I’ve listed in the poll, the new title choice was just a joke option but a few actually voted for it….


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