Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Volume 3 Chapter 4 Part 3

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While this part was indeed short (5 pages!), Oracle being busy meant that the editing process for this part took a bit longer than it usually does.

Can anyone guess what our three heroes saw?

“Oh, right. Their clubroom’s the principal’s office.”

After we left the classroom, I told the two of them where Amaniji-senpai’s clubroom was supposedly located.

Sure enough, both of them found that to be strange – they were both visibly baffled by what I just said.

But then again, I probably had the same expression on my face when I heard that from Amaniji-senpai yesterday.

“Isn’t the principal’s office the room where the principal is? How do you perform club activities in a place like that?”

Shichimiya raised the question that was on everyone’s minds.

I’m not exactly certain what the principal’s office was actually like, but my mental image of it is that it was a wide and spacious room. Although there probably will be enough space for us to rehearse the play there, it didn’t feel like it was an appropriate place for club activities.

“Well, I guess we’ll find out how once we get there, so let’s go.”

“Nyahahahaha, that’s right! Still, since the principal gives off the impression of being the boss of the school, I’m a bit excited! It feels like that the three of us are the party members of the elite few who are taking the last boss. Ah, since that’s the feeling I’m getting, let’s do our best, ‘kay! Hero! Rikka-chan!”

“I see, understood,” said Rikka formally as she nodded in consent.

…For some reason, the two of them were getting ready to enter in a showdown against the principal.

Although that wasn’t our actual goal, when it comes to facing that principal as an opponent, it’s strange how you could, just like Shichimiya said, describe such an encounter as fighting the last boss.

Our principal definitely does appear to be very strong.

Whether it’s the school’s entrance ceremony, the announcement for an excursion, or even the opening ceremony just a few days ago, our principal was certainly a bit over-the-top… If we end up having to greet our principal… I could feel the weight behind my steps.

Alright, guess I’ll also add some pep talk of my own then –

“Well then, let’s go. To fight the last boss.”

As I said that to the two of them, I took a single step forward.

To be honest, I was getting swept up by the mood.

Somehow, I ended up saying such a thing.

“Yuuta, you shouldn’t be the first one to go. Let me demonstrate that I, wielder of the Devilish Truth Stare, am the strongest. The likes of the principal will be buried in an instant. I’ll rend apart the darkness of our school. The world will be return to peace once again.”

As I turned my head around to look at Rikka as she started talking, her composed face had been, like I expected, transformed into her usual look of confidence.

Seriously, that’s quite a happy face you’ve got there, Rikka-san.

It surpassed the happy atmosphere that we just had.

Still, don’t say something like our school’s darkness! It sounds like our school’s corrupt!

“No no Rikka-san, please leave it to me, the Magical Demon Duchess. I suffered a defeat in our last bout, so let me take this one. This is my revenge match. It’d be enough for Rikka-chan and Hero to simply cheer for me from behind!”

…She was even more swept up by the mood than me–!

Reflecting upon my words, I shrugged my shoulders as I wearily advanced.

When the two of them are together, the mood soon becomes like this, which is quite hard to deal with… I regretted saying such a thing so lightly…

“Guess it can’t be helped – I’ll concede this time, Sofia. Do your best!”

“Nyahaha! Leave it to me, I’ve got this☆.”

“…Sorry, this is my fault: if we meet the principal, please make the greeting normal…”

As I turned my head around once again to apologise for my rash comment, for some reason the two of them looked satisfied,

“It’s Yuuta after all. With the Demon King’s power, Yuuta will deliver divine punishment. Do your best!”

“As expected of Hero. Hero’s keen to administer capital punishment with his power; do your best!”

and replied in complete sync.

Wow, it’s like they’re twins.

“No no, what kind of person are you making me out to be…?”

I’m a Demon King, a hero, and now a deva as well. This excessive setting is rather troubling.

Still, seeing the two of them being perfectly in sync was really moving.

It’s beautiful how close they’ve gotten.

With the two of them, who were still caught up by the mood, holding their fun conversation behind me, the three of us headed towards the principal’s office.

On the first floor, at the very end of the hallway.

In a place where not many people have set foot, a place that was dead silent – there laid the principal’s office.

Needless to say, this was my first time coming here.

It was likely the same for the two behind me as well.

Since it was just before the cultural festival, almost the entire school was busy with preparations, so it was weird how this place alone was dead silent.

On the topic of this place’s atmosphere, it was so unusually silent here that it honestly wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this was area just before the last boss.

Well, it would be an exaggeration, but this place did sort of give off the impression that this was the save point before the last boss.

If that’s the case, then this was the point of no return.

“Now then, I’ll repeat myself one more time. Our goal isn’t to defeat the principal. It’s to meet Amaniji-senpai. Okay?”


“Nyahaha, okay☆.”

With Rikka’s acknowledgement and Shichimiya making a mysterious okay sign next to her cheeks, it seemed that there was no need for any further preparations, and so I knocked on the door of the principal’s office – I uttered “excuse me” before entering quietly.

Neither the principal nor Amaniji-senpai, who was our goal, was present.

Before my eyes – a scene that definitely wasn’t befitting of the principal’s office was unfolding.


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