Editor Recruitment

As you’re aware of by now, chuu2 now has no editors at all. But did you know that the same goes for the rest of the projects at kitakamiooi? 

Hence, like almost all translation groups, we are recruiting more staff! For editing for projects that Kita is working on, I’ll be stealing from what Kita wrote a while back:

English doesn’t have to be your first language and I am fine with any mistakes you make as long as you’re willing to improve. So do apply for an editing position if you want to help us out.

As for chuu2, I have an additional requirement for people who want to edit: they must have a basic understanding of Japanese. The bulk of the translation work for chuu2 is done via machine translation, and as a result oftentimes minor translation errors slip through. The workload for editing for chuu2 generally comes to one part per month. If you’d like to edit for chuu2, please apply here: chuu2lntranslations@gmail.com.

If there are no editors for chuu2, then the release schedule for it will change. Rather than releasing chuu2 in parts (and getting updates roughly once a month), I’ll be releasing chuu2 in whole chapters (and getting updates probably once every couple of months). By doing so, it’ll better enable me to identify any parts that seem a bit off (generally a sign that there’s a tl error).

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  1. Will you be going back to otome game auto mode? Some translator picked it up, and it is completely incomprehensible.


    • I’m not 100% sure, but AFAIK kita right now is focusing on finishing off onii-sama first, so the answer’s likely no.


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