Important Announcement

I’m hijacking and stickying Kita’s announcement so that new visitors to the site can be clear as to where things stand.

Kita (with his original announcement below) has retired, meaning that translations for all series except for chuu2 has stopped. I’m not interesting in picking up any of Kita’s series, so those series will remain dead. I don’t have the access to edit the front page/menu drop bars, so the site will remain as is. I’m also too lazy to make a new site, so unless the site completely breaks chuu2 will be hosted here for the foreseeable future.

tl;dr: Translations for everything not chuu2 has stopped.

Kita’s original announcement is below:

Hey everyone, it’s been a while.

I just wanted to make sure everyone knew that I’ve decided to completely stop translating.

I never really made an announcement about it but I actually graduated from my university back in May and joined the workforce. So essentially I’m working from day to night nowadays and in the end I just found it to be too tiring and nearly impossible for me to continue translating.

I honestly should’ve made a proper announcement about it instead of giving people false hope that I’ll return. But I guess in the end I found it hard to come back after so long only to announce that I was quitting translating. I suppose I was kinda just hoping for a quiet exit and to silently phase out, but some recent messages made me realize some people were still waiting for me to return.

Anyhow, I’m truly sorry that it took so long for me to officially make this announcement and that I left some great series hanging. But I would like to express thanks to everyone for the support and patronage given to me for the brief but fun time I was translating.




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  1. Thank you very much for your effort and the time you have been dedicating to this.

    I understand your situation and that now you need to dedicate time to real life, it is something that will happen to all the translators.

    Many translators are still students and we have the time, but things become complicated when we move into the working world.

    many successes for you and please do not delete the page. I have seen that other people who stop translating, delete their page leaving us an existential gap too big.

    Happy rest of the day and may the force be with you


  2. Aww I’ll be sad not to see updates anymore, but best of luck to you and your adult life!! I get what you mean about not having enough time some I just started a full time job this year and I’m too tired to play games and draw like I used to.


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