Beyond Another Darkness V1C1 Part 6

“…….This is all the information I obtained.”

“Hm, thank you, it looks like things are getting more interesting. By the way, Odagiri-kun, please open your mouth a little.”

She beckoned towards me as if she were commanding a dog. I gave a frown but did as she instructed and immediately Mayuzumi tossed a macaroon into my mouth. I unconsciously bit down, the sugary outer layer crumbled apart and the filling inside spread throughout my mouth.

———…….it’s sweet.

“This type of pastry is a bit interesting as it’s quite compact but breaks apart rather easily when bitten. It’s very sweet so it might be more popular among younger people, but it’s still worth commending. Besides, I hate things that only adults can indulge in, drinking is one example and smoking is another. Not only is it unhealthy but even the smell itself is very unpleasant.”

Mayuzumi stared at me as she said this. She had used the sugary flavor of the macaroon to cover up the leftover nicotine smell in my mouth. I took a smoke break quite a few hours ago so it shouldn’t have even been noticeable, she’s keen as expected.

“……You actually noticed the smell.”

“I think it would be stranger if I didn’t notice the smell, but if you really want to smoke no matter what then so be it. However, there are just some things that people can and cannot withstand, so at the very least try and keep other people’s feelings in mind.

I was startled, Mayuzumi actually knew words like “keep other people’s feelings in mind”.

Mayuzumi took a sip of hot chocolate after saying her piece. I glanced at the legs sticking out from under her over-sized lab coat, she was wearing stockings. Her dress was unusually short today.

“It’s quite a rare appearance.”

“Hm? Ah, it was recommended to me by the saleslady at the store I frequent. I didn’t want to waste my time with her so I just bought it.”

She ended up buying something she didn’t even want and it also seemed very expensive, but Mayuzumi didn’t look like she particular cared. Instead, she causally picked up a box of 400-yen chocolate mushrooms and began eating them. It doesn’t seem like she regarded the clothing any different from cheap convenience store products. Perhaps for her, money is essentially on the level of water.

And yet she’s so stingy when it comes to paying wages, she probably just does that to annoy me.

“Continuing our previous conversation, let’s discuss what we can make out from the information you obtained.  I also went out today, although it was only about as long as the time it takes to eat five bars of chocolate.”

It’s also quite rare for Mayuzumi to go out by herself. But then again, I did hear something about her family being very influential in the company Yukiko worked at. She gave a smile and continued.

“It seems Yamashita Yukiko had many problems in her workplace. Perhaps she’s just slow, but it seems she constantly makes mistakes and even offended important customers before. It was to the point where she was forced to resign, but then she caused an irrevocable issue that couldn’t even be amended if she resigned, the issue caused the company’s earnings to plummet……her colleagues even said things like “she probably wants to die at this point.”

“So that’s the overall summary, the police also deemed that was the cause of her suicide.”

“Even more, it appears she would occasionally show suicidal thoughts. At first, it was just simply wishing she could just die. But gradually her tone became more serious, and a week before her suicide she also broke up with her boyfriend even though they were engaged. After taking care of all personal matters, she even left an unsent text that has been declared a will. So the claims of her committing suicide isn’t groundless. It could even be said that this is without a doubt a suicide incident. Thus the death was carried out of her own will. Case closed. All’s well that ends well.”

Mayuzumi concluded her summary as if she were ending a story. She picks up a chocolate mushroom with two slender fingers.

“Her colleagues were relieved after she died, this could be clearly seen from their words—–in truth, the near-dead Yukiko actually disappeared from the hospital before she died, but everyone just treated it like she had already died beforehand.”

Popping the piece of chocolate into her mouth, she then smiled happily.

“She wanted to die and she died. There’s nothing that can be done now that she’s dead. She probably wants to die…….if words like these relentlessly bombarded Yamashita Yukiko when she was alive, what do you think the true intention behind them would be, Odagiri-kun?

This was an overly-simple riddle. Although I’m a bit disappointed that I’m able to instantly answer it.

“She should just die, right?”

“Correct, at least you can think normally regarding this subject, I’m quite relieved.”

It was sarcasm, but it seems Mayuzumi didn’t mean it any malicious way. That being said, I felt a choking sensation in my chest whenever I thought about the environment surrounding Yukiko. One by one, the malicious intent of her colleagues shoved her from behind like invisible hands.

Until finally, she was pushed right off a building.

But even so, everyone just pretended they had nothing to do with it, and called it a simple suicide.

“I see, but putting aside the fine details for now. Yukiko committed suicide, because she couldn’t withstand the pressure from her peers, so she jumped off a building. With this the suspicions regarding the client should be cleared. I don’t want to accept the case of a murderer after all.”

I recalled Kazue’s behavior in my mind and began calming myself. I picked up my own mug but the coffee I had prepared before giving the report was already cold. But even though it was cold it seems I still wouldn’t be able to enjoy it, as I brought the mug to my mouth, Mayuzumi quickly said.

“No, Yamashita Yukiko was killed by her, that part is certain.”

The bitter taste of the coffee instantly increased.

I looked at her, Mayuzumi gave a cunning smile. Suddenly she picked up a piece of chocolate and tossed it into my coffee. With a ‘plop’ a sweet smell was mixed in. A drop of coffee splashed onto my nose, she gently wiped it off with her finger, and then immediately pressed the white fingertip to her lips, licking off the coffee.

“Let’s head out tomorrow morning, although caffeine is essentially for waking the brain, I still prefer getting my intake from chocolate over coffee. Plus the slight sugar intake is healthy. Also Odagiri-kun–”

After a long analysis of the report she finally concluded with a:

–what’s wrong with accepting the case of a murderer?”

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