I Decided to Not Compete and Quietly Create Dolls Instead 25

Chapter 25: Another Intermission, The Secret Progress of a High Priest’s Conspiracy From Two Years Ago, and the Sage’s Secret Maneuvering

A character who was briefly mentioned in chapter 12 part 1, his rise and downfall.

2 years ago.

In the trade city Spiril, High Priest Rofen of the Rokisona Church saw the very hell of this world.

(Who is this “Doll Princess”? This is not something as simple as magic, it’s practically the work of an evil god)

Everything was “clear” to his eyes.
The stuffed dolls decorating the “The Borrowed Water Stage Inn” were all possessed by fallen spirits.
Beings that were deprived of their original form and had once enslaved humans were now resurrected with their intentions inside those bodies.

(Casting aside Altirea Wisp then it’s essentially reviving the horrors of the ancient times)

Up till now Rofen couldn’t be considered a human suitable for the position of High Priest. Using illegal means to maintain his position and exhausting all the wealth he inherited from his parents to indulge in wine and food. The end results were a saggy face and a pig-like body. 「Even the old gods are much more ascetic when compared with Rofen」and other sorts of malicious words were said behind his back.

But when he faced the crisis that could rewind history, the slightest remaining priesthood in him burned like a fiery phoenix.

(It was surely for this moment that an ugly person like myself was given such a sanctuary)

When the party ends he must immediately return to the Great Palace of Worship in the imperial capital. There was no time to fight against factions to confront this threat. A compromise was necessary.

……But then the Wandering Earl had made his appearance

Rofen felt greatly relieved but also a bit disappointed when he remembered. He was also familiar with the Empire’s dark side. He knew what the Earl was like.

(Of course this would happen, it would be strange if a person with such unique power like Altirea Wisp wasn’t targeted by the Earl. She will be pickled in ice and the peace of the Empire and the human world will be preserved. It’s just as I’ve heard, but the Earl should’ve avoided attacking in such a public area. Does he intend to make a scene with so many people about?)

The Earl doesn’t move unless he intends on taking someone’s life.
「It is revenge for when the princess returns」 the meaning was unknown but it followed the laws of the madman.

His actions weren’t unprecedented but――

(What is with this bad premonition?)

Rofen’s nose began twitching.
It was because of his intuition that he managed to keep his position up to now.
And this time his keen senses also weren’t mistaken.

「Although my body has fallen towards the netherworld’s magic, may I please have the honor of serving you once again?」

The Earl was kneeling before Altirea Wisp.

Rofen began calculating.
Altirea Wisp, the dolls, and the Wandering Earl.
In addition, if the current Duke Wisp and Duke Rozerem also became enemies, was there any chance of winning?

(No, I should probably give up, would the entire Empire even be enough? Then the underworld too, it might also be necessary to involve the countries beyond the seas. I might also have to use a spell that opens the door of another world――)

From that day Rofen began his plan to overthrow the demon known as Altirea Wisp. He flew all over the world and even deemed it necessary to directly visit the crime syndicate’s headquarters.

……And thus two years passed.

Rofen looked back on everything that happened and thought.

(The almighty God must also be supporting me, otherwise I wouldn’t have met the Sage)

It seemed as if he were guided by destiny itself.
On his journey, Rofen happened to meet one of the persons of legend.
From a long time ago, one of the two heroes who killed the tyrannic old gods.
An immortal sage who supposedly continues to watch over the peace of the human world――.

(Without his help the “Supreme Ten Association” would not have been established)

Consisting of both good and evil, neither pure nor tainted, they were ten organizations that joined forces to protect this world. Furthermore, according to the words of the sage, the Malgaroid royal family even gave their secret seal of approval.

「High Priest, it will be carried out seven days before the founding festival. With the sacrifices “the cursed evil spirit of rivers and mountains” will manifest and annihilate Altirea Wisp. With this you will also be hailed as a hero」

「But sage-dono, is it really possible to summon the king of all evil spirits?」

「Do not worry, High Priest, my ritual is flawless――or do you doubt me?」

Under the penetrating gaze, Rofen couldn’t help but prostrate himself.

「T-T-T-There is no such thing! Yes! It will be just as you say!」

* *

When people surrender their destiny to others, they can no longer be considered human.

The sage believed in this.

The man called Rofen was once also a human.
He had moved of his own will and had tried to confront Altirea Wisp. If he had upheld his will the sage might have lent his powers.

But Rofen had parted with his own initiative.

At the beginning he would just consult with the sage about one or two matters. That was acceptable. Everyone sometimes has hesitations and doubts about their own decisions.
But eventually Rofen began to avoid making his own decisions. Without the words of the sage he became unable to move.

The man was no longer a human, all that could be seen was a beast-incarnate.

Thus the sage decided to abandon him.

「T-T-T-There is no such thing! Yes! It will be just as you say!」

He had no eyes for the pig that was groveling on the floor, the sage left the ritual grounds.
In the basement of the alchemist association headquarters. A faction called the Ezizola faction was participating in the coalition and was secretly offered a place.

The sage murmured to himself while walking silently down the dark corridor.

「Approval of the Margaroid royal family, now wouldn’t it be nice if something like that were actually true?」

If one actually gave it some thought, they would be able to tell that the sage was lying from a slight contradiction.

……But it was too late now.

「Ah, no wait, speaking of approval」

The kingdom had already decided on a passive attitude towards Duke Wisp and the doll who called itself Kajero. Initially it seems there was a man who sent assassins after her due to concerns for the future of the country, but now he was “pretending not to see anything”.

「Supreme Ten Association? How many would actually participate in that? Probably not even half. I almost forgot, to actually manifest “the cursed evil spirit of rivers and mountains”? That spirit has long already obtained a body by the name of Kajero. I wonder what will happen if I summon it again? Moreover, it was just an improvised ritual, it will likely just produce unexpected results. Kuku, how amusing, ahh, so amusing」

The lips of the sage are twitching as he continues talking to himself.
Eventually he bursts out laughing.

Rokisona Church

Their religion was formed after the sage and another killed the old gods. Having followers all over the world.
Their new god is the King of Gods, Rokiso, who is said to watch over the lands.

Furthermore, the new god is fictional and does not exist.

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  1. thanks for chap
    wait so legend of killing old gods is true?and two ppl killed them?

    man this cute and fluff story always carries some dark af stuff


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