I’m Sorry, Onii-sama! V2C1

Ball of the Villainess and Supporting Characters Part I

Dressing in a copper dress that matched the colour of her eyes and hair, the girl knelt before the king seated on the throne. In order to obtain the status, the honour and the duty that did not match her small body, she knelt on the cold marble floor, alone.

“I am Rujil’s current head. Origa Emelda Rujil. I have come to report that the rite of succession has been completed without any complications.”

The flowing words were said in the high pitch peculiar to children, but no child-like feeling could be felt from them.
The dark copper eyes did not waver even before the king that they swore fealty to.
The girl that was like a well-made doll, simply knelt there silently.

“I have often heard that you were a rare talent, but I didn’t think you would come meet me as the head so quickly. This was worth arranging that marriage.”
“In place of the previous head, I would like to express my thanks for that. I have simply devoted myself to improvement from a desire to serve the country and your majesty.”

Not even a shred of affection existed in the eyes of the king that stared at the girl as if evaluating her.
Also nothing could be felt from the words of the girl that declared her respect and affection to the king.

“Then offer your life to the country and devote yourself to burning away the schemes of other countries.”
“As you wish.”

Their gazes never communicated any emotion and they only continued exchanging formalities.
In there, not a shred of feelings as blood relatives could be felt.
They just said the words that made clear their positions as one who guides the country and one who protects the country.

“I have expectations of you. Daughter of fire.”

The sound of the staff hitting the ground echoed loudly and announced the end of the audience.



“Well well, with this our country is safe.”
“Even though she looks so adorable, she is overflowing with talent.”
“As expected of a bloodline connected to the king. She really is skilled.”

Well then. How many times have I heard these set of phrases today?
Even if it is the most important job today, maintaining a smile through the day is tiring.
It feels like I will have muscle pains in my facial muscles, and being surrounded completely by adults with the height of a child is also intimidating and makes me want to cry.

In the morning, I had an audience with the king, from noon, I have been going around the castle greeting people, and then once the sun sets there is a ball!
This sudden debut into high society which is filled with schemes for someone who has shut herself in her home for years, seriously, I’m already at my limit.
Since I’m the villainess, at some point, my social relationships will probably become strained, but a good beginning makes a good ending.
With that thought, I am using my lacking social graces in order to create a positive impression but……
Since even a single slip up cannot be permitted, this is much tougher mentally than my daily training.

“Everyone. Since I am inexperienced, please guide me well.”

Get the greetings over with already! I forced my twitching cheeks to smile.
As if she had been waiting for the right timing, a girl dressed in male clothing―――Keika slipped through a gap in the people and came to my side.
Ah, I’ll make it clear that she is dressed like this because I asked her to escort me today and not because it is her hobby.

Originally, if a lady comes to a formal occasion, an escort by a relative of the opposite sex or a close male is necessary, but Father is currently not in the main house.
Of course I could have just brought along a man from the clan to fulfill the role, but that person would then be seen as my fiancee.
Since I still don’t want to think of those troublesome things, at least for today, I asked Keika to dress as a young man, and that leads to the current situation.
Since females also stand on the battlefield in this country, the fact that male clothing is not forbidden is something I am very thankful for.

“Sorry for interrupting your conversation. Origa-sama, it is about time to prepare for the ball.”

It is probably not my imagination that there was some sympathy mixed in Keika’s eyes when she met my eyes―――She is probably suggesting that I take a break.
At this stage, I have not made any kind of slip up, so isn’t my debut going well?
Like this they probably won’t find fault and criticize me, neither will I needlessly make an enemy of someone. Yet.
While involuntarily making a guts pose in my mind, I kept up my act and wrapped things up with a smile.

“Thank you. Everyone, since evening has come, I shall return to prepare myself.”

It seems the madams were slightly surprised that my escort were a female, but they didn’t say anything and just looked at me with warm eyes.
In fact, they even coughed to chide their own husbands who were looking at the girl dressed in male clothing from top to bottom with lustful eyes.

……What is this.
I had thought that high society was something more savage with sarcastic remarks and scorn for every little thing.
After all, even with my circumstances, I am aware I am doing  something unconventional.
Unexpectedly, I might not need to brace myself for schemes except those in the light novel, maybe.

“Ooh, it’s already time for that. Sorry for keeping you. Origa-sama, will it be acceptable for me to send you a congratulatory gift later on? Eeh, you are?”
“My apologies for my late introduction. I am Keika, Origa-sama’s aide.”

I am fortunate that Keika is skilled.
Although part of it was because I wanted to resolve onii-sama’s issue quickly, there was also the problem of engagement, so I have not had the leisure to choose a trusted member of the opposite sex, in this situation, she was the one that I chose in a hurry.
Because of that, I honestly was not expecting much from her in terms of ability.

It was a gamble when I drew her away from father, but she had become excellent hands and feet for me as long as onii-sama was not involved.
She believes in ability as a magician, she is considerate, she has good looks, she is also able to do paper work and most of all, since she is of age, she has been properly educated on the basics of societal relationships.
The necessary social skills and maturity that I was unable to develop due to my long shut-in training lifestyle, were covered by her.

“You are the new point of contact with the Rujil’s? It seems you are quite young, but my best regards to you.”
“……Keika. This is the count that governs Suja.”
“An honour to meet you. Your excellency. I have heard rumours that a new company was set up in Suja just recently.”

I felt that thorns were mixed in with his words, but Keika seems to be used to it and casually ignored it.
But upon hearing Keika’s words as she tried to continue the conversation with a smile, the middle-aged count revealed a somewhat unpleasant smile.


“Oh my. About that, there was an inquiry from the previous head, so I have already sent a reply a few days ago……I was close with the aides of the previous head, but have you not heard of that?”


――――Oh, it finally came.
A noble that tries to form new connections by emphasising their connection with father.
This is the scheming part of high society.
It seems there really was a need to be on alert all the time.
Normally, in this kind of situation, having strong connections from the start can be said to be in favour of the new head.
But considering the future situation I would like to create a situation with no vested interests, so I would like to dissolve these relationships as peacefully as possible.
Even if I feel like establishing new ones in the future, I cannot inherit the relationships from father’s time since they will become obstacles in my path.

Still, an inquiry from that moody father, huh.
If that ‘former head’ with a strangely sharp nose showed interest, it is probably not just any company.
But if I recall, there was no report of that in the study I took over.
Although something feels off, for now.

――――With a glance, I signalled Keika by meeting her eyes and having understood, she spun out words of apology in a sad voice.

“My sincere apologies. He is currently attending to the previous mistress’ recuperation. It is still not a situation where I can make confirmations with him. Could we get back to you at a later date after confirming the facts?”

Since mother’s health is not very good right now, I have sent her to recuperate with father accompanying her.
I sent her to recuperate in a cooler place, is the official pretext, the truth is that I made it so that outsiders cannot meddle with the futures of the previous head’s aides.
Father who was allowed to live because he is married to a royal princess is seen to have a certain type of influence
Due to that, there is no end to people who still wish to have connections with father.
But in order to make it easier for me to lead the clan in the future, there is a need to suppress external interference as much as possible.
Even interference from the one who guides the country, the king.

Right now, people who say they will serve as my hands and feet are all over the place, but it was lucky that I was able to discover someone like Keika at an early stage, who no one else has laid their hands on.

Even in this situation, she can deal with it exactly because she is completely a new face without any bonds.

Even so, having made plenty of prior arrangements, this response is perfect.
Among the Rujil, ‘the superior one who defeats the incompetent predecessor’ becomes the new head.
Accordingly, it is okay to just push the fault of any communication errors onto the previous head and aides, I can also assert that I have nothing to do with this count later on.
In the first place, there is a need to check if they really were close.
As for whether to build good relationships with this person, I can just slowly consider it later on.

Having realised that we were cutting off our relationship, the count showed a bitter expression.
I thought about how I was right to choose Keika.
――――was it bad for me to relax like that?

“Oh my, is that so. I must also send a get well gift later on.”

“Even if you are excellent enough to become an aide, as expected someone inexperienced like you cannot conduct business satisfactorily……oops, excuse me.”

In the shadow of the madam’s bright voice as she tried to calm the situation, sarcastic words with double meanings was muttered softly, and burning heat enveloped the area immediately.
I panickedly tried to stop her, but Keika stepped in front of me.
I saw her take a deep breath without any hesitation, and I could clearly feel my face go pale.
Her skill is guaranteed.
As someone who only pretends to be skilled using talent, there is honestly something about her I admire.

“My sincere apologies for causing concern about my ineptitude. This is indeed an error due to inexperience. But, my mistress is different from the foolish me, while young, she is an excellent magician. Accordingly, there is no need to worry. My mistress will not trouble your excellency. Of course your excellency must be governing Suja excellently, so I do not believe there will be a chance that this generation’s flame is necessary.”

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah she did it……
‘If you look down on the magicians who protect the country so much, the magicians of fire won’t protect your land alright?’ This person just snapped and said that.

“In the future war, my mistress will probably play an active role in various places. I am terribly grateful for your excellency’s efforts to reduce the burden on my mistress by maintaining the peace of your province without help from my mistress. We shall succeed your excellency’s pride and protect this country in times of need.”

‘In times of need, the current head of fire won’t go to protect your province okay?’ Are you serious, er, stop……
Keika is a skilled woman but……she also strangely idolizes me and is a slightly disappointing person.

The members of the clan mostly look up to powerful people but, when it comes to her, yeah.
Not just taking on an argument from some mockery, she went on to threatening his life, she really is too disappointing.

After being talked to continuously in an intimate way and then having the conversation cut off, the man fell silent as if having lost spirit.
The madams who had been looking at me with mild gazes, even if they still smiled, their gazes have become harder.
A subordinates words are the superior’s responsibility.
Those words came to mind and I unintentionally looked towards the sky but I was blocked by a magnificent ceiling and couldn’t even escape reality.

Not just a slip up, on the first day of my debut, I already made an enemy.
Cutting away those that I don’t like, isn’t this kind of stance that of a villain?
Coming out like this in my debut into high society, just how overconfident a human am I? Who do I think I am.
……ah yeah, I was the last boss-sama.
No but, even if I was prepared to live as a villain, having things turn out like this right from the start was kind of unexpected.
Origa, did your stomach hurt like this too?

“Yes. Then I will excuse myself.”

Anymore slip ups are not needed!
Rushing through my farewells to the count and the rest, I quickly dragged Keika away from there.
The sight of the girl dressed in male clothing sniffing and proudly escorting me is almost hatefully dignified.
She shows absolutely no signs of noticing that the mistress by her side wants to hold her head.
No, if she noticed and is still making that proud expression, then I might have to lecture her immediately.

Whether that speech was made by the master of the retainer, nobody would care about that.
The Rujil’s current head said this, that rumour will spread around quickly.
By the time the ball starts tonight, the image of me will definitely be the arrogant and conceited head of fire.
Isn’t that exactly the same as the ‘Lady of Inferno Origa’ in the light novel.
Even though I wanted to quietly, peacefully and slowly lay out plans, isn’t this already beyond……repair……?

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  1. This, like many other reincarnation novels, reminds me of the manhwa “The Country is Saved!” in that no matter how you try to change something that was originally supposed to happen, it will still happen one way or another. But the end of the previous chapter makes me want to see how the little changes will accumulate and lead to a different ending.


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