Otome Game Rokkushuume 12

Chapter 12: I write as temple and read as shelter

Greas · Fani · Sandria.

The hidden character of 『LinaLia』who is unlocked when you clear four capture targets. The Saint attribute magic teacher of the Avuantōru Academy. Loved by females, a marvelous genius magician even though he is from humble birth.

Refer to the characters page for commentary.

And was the person whom I did not want to engage with the most.

The hidden character “Greas” whose route is unlocked when you clear four other capture targets, is definitely suitable for a hidden character as the difficulty is quite high.

It will be easier to understand, if I explain that in his route if even one option is mistaken it will be guided to the bad end without question.

And I think that is enough to be able to understand what I want to say.

The possibility of bad end is also the possibility that my life will end as well.

If possible, I would like to eliminate all involvement, but there are a lot of activity scenes proportional to the degree of difficulty. His route is a mass production source of dark history and death flags, that will destroy you.

The only salvation is that Greas is a teacher in charge of Saint, and I am a student whose attribute is “darkness” a complete opposite.

If I am careful, there is no reason I will be involved with the other party.

The person I don’t want to get involved with the most, should have no reason to be involved with me.

I thought so, I was at ease……

「Maria-sama, were you able to do it?」

「Aa, yes……」

In my room, I’m looking into my hands, I have to accept the reality which is “the person who I did not want to be involved with the most” is here.

By the way, Greas-sensei is a family tutor and it has been one month already.

The antique-like hard cover notes, which are not likely to be suitable for study, are lined up with the calculation formulas just taught. The newest letter is the problem the sensei issued which I solved already.

「Un, Yes, it’s done. Maria-sama is quick to understand」

「You are good at teaching」

I smiled like a child, but it is natural that I understood.

The notes written in my notebook are “7 + 2 = 9”, “9-4 = 5”, “4 × 3 = 12”, “9 ÷ 3 = 3″….a calculation formula for adding and subtracting fills one page.

The subject is ‘math’. It is not “mathematics” nor “arithmetic”, but just simple math

It is certainly a suitable problem for 6-year-old me.

But my brain age is a high school X five times.

Although there is some stuff that I forget, “Math” is not one of them. I can do math in my head it’s an easy victory.

Maria-sama is good with Math……language is also excellent, it’s better to raise the overall level.

「Ahaha……I will leave it to you」

In the past month, I made a new discovery.

Greas….or Greas-sensei now, I would like to avoid being involved with him even now, but rather than that it is tiring to “learn” primary students  coursework.

Tiring and painful.

But if I do not raise my level properly in order, I will surely start to digress, and one day my brain will not be at the level it’s suppose to be. Even so, if a six year old child begins doing high school level problems it may become a fuss.

“A child prodigy” then turns into “abnormality”.

「It seems that there is no problem even if I hand out other subjects in this case. Is there anything you would like to learn?」

「U ̄ n……」

Because I do not like studying itself so much, I do not want to answer honestly when asked what I want to learn, because I will answer “physical education”.

However, I cannot say that I do not want to study to the family tutor, or physical education either. If I order it, I might be able to play something like tag, but mother will surely scold me.

「You do not have to think about one right away. I will think about various things also myself」

「……Yes, thank you very much」

The gentle smile by Greas-sensei is definitely suitable for a teacher. He also has an air around him that relieves people and is also good at handling children.

Surprisingly …… though it is rude to say, but my image of him is 24 years old. In my experiences, in ten years from now, this gentle oni-chan will grow up to become that sexual harassment teacher.

I think that in auto mode I was hurt to some extent when I was rejected by the teacher in front of me.

That much……he is a good person, this person.

I decided to take as much distance as possible and it has already been a month. In the present situation he is a good person, a good oni-chan, that I cannot bear anything against him, and the call of Greas-sensei is completely fixed.

If he at least wasn’t good at teaching, I could say that I wanted my father to change my teacher, but Greas-sensei is also very good at teaching. I guess I already knew that part though.

Really, what is the matter with me?

× × × ×

「── and that’s the situation. What should I do」

「No, I do not know」

As a matter of fact, Keito broke off my words. From the time we cooperated with my parents’ reconciliation, I had retained my relationship with him.

Keito feels that my acting like an ojosama is weird, and I am tired of acting like an ojosama. More than anything, there is no fear of nobles. Because Keito moves at his own pace, no matter what I say, there is no flattery and the likes. There are many rude remarks to that extent, but as for me I was more comfortable with that.

Keito, the commoner, attends primary school. It is our daily routine to wait in the rose garden and talk with each other until Keito’s father comes to pick him up.

Most of the time it’s me doing the talking though.

「Greas-sensei, right? We have talked, but I think he’s a good person」

「I know. That’s why I am troubled」

「Sorry, I do not understand your meaning at all. He is a good person and he is also good at teaching. What more can a tutor do?」


As Keito says.

I do not want to become involved because I know the hypothetical future. But if I did not have to worry about the death flag, I would have been obediently gracious to Greas-sensei.

「Maria is thinking too much, even though you are stupid」

「 I study though?」

「Un, that’s why you are just stupid and not an idiot」


As expected, though it is only because you witnessed my stupidity when I first met you. A choked-off voice appeared, but I cannot retort.

「I do not know what you are worrying about, but I think Maria is stupid, even if you try to think of something it is impossible because it is stupid. Because you are stupid」

「Do not keep saying stupid!」

He said it three times.

Even though I say important things only two times, he said it three times!

And to Keito do I really seem that stupid? I have too much memories to remember.

「It is useless even if you think about it, so try doing it as you think」


I think whether it is that easy to clean up the life and death concerns……Indeed I will be with both my father and mother, I thought about it and let’s just attack it head on.

Regardless of whether it works on Greas-sensei…..athough I am suffering now from it, the actual damage comes out ten years later.

Also as a premise, the heroine does not always choose Greas-sensei. It will be the worst if she chose that, but there are four others, probability is one fifth.

…… Un, I feel like I managed to do something.

「Thank you, Keito. I will forgive you for calling me stupid」

「It’s not necessary to forgive because I just said the truth」

「Well then, I will tell you a new subject this time, but what shall I do?」

「Listen to other people when they speak」

I know? Social skills are an important skill to have.

Especially for the villainess daughter of an Otome game.


  1. She is stupid Indeed, why she can’t be a normal girl…… You want to avoid him but you let him know you are a genius……


  2. Eh I wonder why he thinks she’s stupid, she’s been portraying quite a bright child up to now I would’ve thought? I mean she immediately figured out how to get closer to her mother and get her parents to make up once she talked her feelings over with him so?


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