Otome Game Rokkushuume 16 Part 1

Chapter 16: Difference between love and goodwill is one character after all

The complicated thoughts is honest.

She……she is a girl who is too small even to call a lady, but also she is too young to carry the name of a nobleman.

Even so, the girl named Mariabell was hard for me to deal with.

× × × ×

The Sandria family collapsed and I suddenly became a commoner.
My father does not tell me the reason for the downfall, even if it was said that the house that fulfilled the duty of Duke has fallen, I heard that a successor was decided immediately, I can only assume that the sweet father of mine was deceived.
Because the Sandria family was one of the nobility’s shallow history, was that why we were picked on?
I could imagine many reasons, but it was all just a waste of time.
It does not cover the fact of our fall. As I complained that he was deceived, it is said that you were foolish and it is over.
More than that … to me, the problem we had hanging in front of us was serious for our families.

A new home, a new job.
Our family borrowed a tattered unoccupied house to live in, without any other necessities other than a little cash which I kept at the house, and father begun to look for new work without any concerns.

It will be okay, I will manage somehow.
Now I think that way of though was foolish. It was overly optimistic and naive.
But at that time, I really thought so. Not only for their child but as my parents.
You can be anything if you live, you can crawl up if you do your best.
Gentle parents who have hope and dream positive at any time, did not doubt and they believed that all the roads in this world were paved.

Even though there was no such thing.

My father’s work was not decided at all, and my mother who was unable to open the house for child rearing also took me to search for work.
Running around while holding such a huge feeling, the work my father found was only a day job, my mother worked at a shop in the evening that also dealt in the night service business. Both are low-wage hard work, in a poor environment that does not think about people.
My parents who were born to aristocracy and lived as aristocrats and thought that only the inside of their beautifully decorated garden was the world, did not take long to suffer from heart problems.

And the year I was twelve years old, my father left this world. The cause was sleep deprivation, malnutrition, overwork, weakness ……although I remembered many things, none had gone to the hospital so everything is only speculation.
Like my father, my mother’s health drop and she became bedridden.
Only me left, I started working to feed myself and my mother.

Although I say that even my hard working adult father could only be employed as a day laborer, there is no reason for a child like me to get a job to earn two people’s worth of living expenses.

Every day I seemed to die little by little. I do not have any confidence to live. I can only do what I see with my fingers while I feel my life is being scraped day by day.

Such a life for two years.
When I was age fourteen, the story of the tutor of the Tempest family’s daughter Mariabell came.
It was impossible. Is it a lie or a dream, or is there something behind it? To be honest, there was only doubt and vigilance, but it did not become a reason for not eating.
Private tutors get high salary. Regardless of whatever backing, it is the base that you own. It cannot be any worse.

The work which I challenged with that mental attitude can also be said as desperate……it was a good rush.

「Nice to meet you, I am Beruderia. Greas-kun……you look a lot like Anessa-sama」

Anessa……the woman who spoke my mother’s name, the color of eyes is unique, but there is no place special other than that. However, it was a person who had the calmness and restraint unlike the nobles.
I did not know what kind of connection she had with my mother, but my selection seems to have been because of her.

「You are Greas…..I will leave my daughter to you from today」

The man, Asta Kirua, had such a beautiful face that it would even fascinate a male. The power which reminds me of cold ice sculpture, a head with no weakness.
It is almost impossible to believe that my former father was in the same position as him, the head had this definite atmosphere around him.

And the daughter who shares the same blood of those two became my student.

「Nice to meet you, Greas-sama……I am Mariabell Tempest. From today, it will be a pleasure」

A girl who has a small body that is only half my size lowered a small head that fits the body said that with a solid tone that cannot be imagined from the age.

Soft purple hair like violets, the ring of angels representing its glistening texture. Round and big eyes that rise beautifully, they reminded me of a noble cat.
The strange eye color would be from the mother, but otherwise she resembles the head very much.
From the top of the head to the tip of the nail, a doll that produced the beauty together…..that is my first impression of Maria-sama.

Even after I began teaching, there was no change in impression.
As soon as I teach it she is able to do it. Even if not taught, she can still do it. Even so, she did not look down on me as a tutor.
Maria-sama was already very talented beyond her age.
To the extent that I do not need to do anything.
Surely this girl can grow easily without me. As much as I can teach, she can master it alone.

Judging from the level of the lesson, I should raise the difficulty of the lessons, I started to think so.

「The new subject I want to learn is magic」

Just a little more happy than usual, Maria-sama said.
Although magic is usually learned in middle school, there are also a few things that a private teacher teaches from preparatory to personal interests.
Therefore all the tutors have knowledge on magic more or less. It is not compulsory or rules, but normally.

But I am not that normal.

「Is it not okay?」

「It’s not a no … but I am an amateur about magic. I do not have enough knowledge to teach Maria-sama」


To my reply, Maria-sama looked surprised. If it was a tutor you would naturally think they have the knowledge. It is belief that is possible because it is a young girl, but unfortunately the result does not change.

「I’m sorry」

While apologizing, I was thinking about something different in my mind.
In the end, I’ll be fired. Not just inbalanced with the competence of the student, but even when I cannot teach what you want, I can say that my existence value is zero.
In that case, I will not have to wait for a declaration.

「Let’s get another tutor!」

That’s good. You should get appropriate talent for this excellent girl.
Not through a connection or sympathy, but a person who can make their way here through ability. If the Tempest house is looking for recruitment, people would come swarming.
It is a pain to be out of work, and finding re-employment will be like going barefoot on thorn roads again, but even with only this month’s salary, I will be able to manage somehow.
It’s fine, I will just return to my original work. And I cannot tell you how to operate as a nobleman or getting fired will be the least of my worries. So with that in mind, I will give up already.

「I would like Greas-sensei to teach me」

Initially I thought that my greed was a hallucination. Next, Maria-sama’s concern, compassion.
But she denied it from the top.

「Learning magic is a good thing, I just thought that I could prepare before going to middle school. If I want to study seriously in the future, I will ask another teacher. That’s why … do not tell me that you will quit」


「……Of course, if Greas-sensei wants to quit regardless of magic, I cannot stop it」

The dignified attitude changed completely, Maria-sama who is twiddling her fingers while being small like before being scolded, this was more like a girl suitable for her age.
The area where the distinction between selfish and my wish is not connected, it seems that I can still grow up a little.
Surprised, impatient, then … with a joyous laugh.
I thought it was cute. Pure, if you were my little sister is this what it would feel like?


  1. “my mother worked at a shop in the evening that also dealt in the night service business.”

    Last part mean “that” type of service?

    Also how poor they were that even when two of them have job it wasn’t enough


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