Otome Game Rokkushuume 48

Chapter 48: Everyone has a childhood friend

From our conversation, it seems Primera is the second daughter of a Baron house. That’s why she gets nervous talking to me who is the daughter of the Duke.
And it seems she has a hobby in handicrafts. It is rare for a daughter of nobility to be this honest. Most noble daughters would just leave this sort of thing to professionals instead of making it themselves, because there will be many people that will be judging them.

When one hears of noble daughters that likes sewing and making sweets, it tends to be thought of as a cute hobby though in reality they usually just enjoy the end-product rather than the actually process itself.  Even though I can only make light snacks among the noble daughters I would still be considered within the category “that can cook”, the amount of feminine qualities across noble daughters is quite low.

In that respect, Primera seems to be a very good child. The type of noble daughters that everyone envisions, at the very least she is the type that I really like! Ah, of course not in the romantic way.
Even though I am a bit desperate in making friends, there would be no point in pursuing friendship if our personalities are incompatible. That was my train of thought, but it seems Primera is compatible with me.

The hobbies of a regular noble daughter would be holding tea parties or shopping for foreign products……I don’t really have many hobbies and the reason why I like gardening is due to Keito’s influence.
But I was still able to hold a conversation with Primera. I don’t know much about handicrafts but I enjoyed listening to her explanations and talking with her.
I still haven’t talked that much to her yet, but at least my first impression of her is a very cute and good child.
I’d like to talk more if possible……but yes, let’s take the offensive!

「Primera-sama, do you have any plans for lunch?」

「Plans for lunch?」

Today is still only the second day and there are only classes in the morning, the contents were so boring that I become sleepy from just the explanation.

I’ve experienced five rounds of the second year of high school, so even though I am a new student I can still predict what would happen. And it was just like I predicted.
As expected, I couldn’t really just fall asleep right on the second day after admission. I just heard that I apparently stand out after all.
But somehow I managed to endure through class, and I called out to Primera who was putting away her writing utensils next to me.

The school has lunch available for purchase at the dining hall, the dormitories also have a messroom, and if one goes to Oztown the options are unlimited.
I was hoping we could eat together if possible, but I wonder where Primera was planning to eat……above all did she perhaps already have prior plans?

「I was planning on heading over to the school’s dining hall, if your fine with it would you like to join me?」


「Of course, I won’t force you if you don’t want to……」

「N-Not at all! If Mariabell-sama is alright with it then I’d love to」

What a relief, my heart was pounding so rapidly.
After soothing my heart in relief, we began preparing to head out.
I went and left the textbook I was using today back in my locker……leaving everything at school is quite convenient isn’t it? The game’s Mariabell was perfect in regards to that, she felt it was too heavy to take home with her. Ah, but it might be fun to use magic so let’s take a bit back with me.

While I was choosing which textbooks to bring back with me at my locker, I heard a voice from behind. Two people, one was Primera and the other was another girl.
In retrospect, Primera was talking to a girl who had brilliant orange hair.

「Eru-chan would you like to come with us for lunch?」

「……I am fine」

Primera was smiling while she was talking so it’s likely the two are acquainted, but the other Orange-chan turned away with a bitter look.
A dispute……? But Primera looks rather happy, and she’s smiling…….

「Primera-sama, I kept you waiting」

As I approached them with a bag on my shoulder, Primera welcomed me with a smile, but Orange-chan had on a deep frown.
Eh, sorry, did I perhaps interrupt something?

「Mariabell-sama, this is my childhood friend Erumeru-chan」

「Oh……nice to meet you, my name is Mariabell Tempest」

「I know, you’re the daughter of the Tempest household and a candidate for the Prince’s fiancee 」

「I deny the latter with all my power」

What? Are the rumors that widespread?
Please stop right there, otherwise the demonic childhood friend of the prince who’s scarier than a girl mad with jealous will appear.

「Ano, if possible I would also like to invite Eru-chan with us to lunch……」

「Primera, I am……」

「Of course! She’s more than welcomed」

And my number of friends might even increase!
Also such a cute girl is quite a feast for the eyes.
Erumeru…….Eru-chan has sharp eyes but her face is quite charming, a cute girl with a lively impression and short hair. She is also an unusual type at the school.

「Well then let’s head out now, is Erumeru-sama also fine with the dining hall?」

「There is no need to add -sama, I am not a noble」

「Eh……? 」

「I am just a mere commoner after all」


  1. Many thanks!
    New friend get! Nice Mariabell! It seems to me that childhood friend Eru is a tad bit jealousss that Primera got a new friend.. Good luck breaking thru to her, Mariabell.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I suppose it’s pretty obvious that the second prince never bothered removing Mariabell from the list of candidates.
    He probably figured there was no harm in kicking the can down the road.


  3. Erumeru? Transliteration aside, but shouldn’t her name actually be read as “Elmira”?

    I mean “r” and “l” are basically the same thing in Japanese and can be exchanged as see fit, and the “U” added can just be removed as it is just a relic leftover from the hiragana. You know? Sort of how Diamond is read as Diamondu in Japanese.


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