Otome Game Rokkushuume 49

Chapter 49: Being Good or Bad

I could imagine what she was trying to imply.
A commoner just like Sashia. Sashia has a special position among the commoners, but as for other commoners it’s likely easy to imagine.
Nobles look down on commoners. That is generally acknowledged by many people and quite a few people even openly say so.
Even if I am not like that, I have the face of a villainess. So it seems I ended up giving off the wrong impression.

Even if my thoughts are actually different. Thus judgments based on appearance isn’t really reliable.

「……Yes, and?」


「Your a commoner, and?」

「What, that is……」

「There is no problem so let’s go, even seating in the dining hall is not infinite!」

I didn’t hear any objections so I lead the way to the dining hall.
But I heard Primera convincing the reluctant Erumeru behind though I pretended not to hear. If I interrupted poorly it will just become even more messy.

Unlike yesterday, there will be many people at the dining hall today.
Although even with all the people it still won’t feel cramped because there is just too much space. The size was even more than half of the student body.
People like the prince or Student Council use salons where entrance is restricted, the upperclassmen know when it will become crowded so naturally they leave beforehand, so overall it’s a good setup.

There is even a menu list in the dining hall. But since the school is rich that is actually quite normal……is what I would like to say.
Because apparently even if something isn’t listed on the menu it doesn’t mean it can’t be ordered.
In the dining hall the menu isn’t a “Please order from this” but rather a “Please order from this if you cannot decide or please use it as a reference”. So the dining hall also accept orders that are not in the menu.

It is truly ridiculous. It’s actually quite absurd in many ways.
Because the high school division is also the same I experienced this system for five years already, but those from humble birth……especially “special” students like Keito are quite perplexed. Although whether Keito himself is actually perplexed is a different story.
And since I am from noble birth I am not unaccustomed to normal anymore. But let’s choose from the menu.

「Ah, over there」

After instructing the waiter we just need to sit down and wait. I found a vacant table with appropriate number of seats.
There aren’t any number cards like in fast food stores, and showing an identification card instead of money seems to be the alternative.
Yes, I already knew but this is quite the amazing fantasy……no, this world can only barely reproduce scientific innovations I believe? Even if it wasn’t so the driving force in this world is magic.

「It’s good we were able to find seats……there seems to be fewer people than I thought」

「Many people are using the dormitory messhall or going to Oztown so it’s likely due to that. So it’s likely it will get more crowded once classes fully start」

「I see……perhaps I should bring my own lunch or something」

Because Primera’s childhood friend was nearby, her tone was also more relaxed. It’s a good trend, so I will refrain from pointing it out otherwise she might stop.
Just that Erumeru herself was silent and didn’t speak at all. Perhaps she was nervous and found it difficult to leave, or maybe she had just given up……probably the latter.
She still seemed a bit dissatisfied and nervous……but it seems she was more nervous instead of dissatisfied.
I haven’t been a villainess all those years for nothing, I can easily detect a strained atmosphere.

Even though I am able to do it, Mariabell just charged ahead ignorantly so every day was a trial of endurance. Just remembering it sends shivers down my spine.
But thanks to her my perception skill has gone up. Though that doesn’t make me happy.
However, I cannot just leave things as they are right now.
I want to befriend her if possible, to be honest I feel like I get along better with commoners rather than nobles. Keito’s case is special but even if I remove him.

「……I think I will just eat somewhere else after all」


While I was thinking about how to start a conversation, Erumeru eye’s flickered about as she suddenly spoke up……she started to say something again but then stopped midway.

「Eru-chan, what’s wrong?」

「Did you perhaps mean you wanted to eat elsewhere?」

Her request wasn’t heard after all……but it seemed like she gave up, perhaps my expression made her feel sick? If so, please forgive me as I wasn’t thinking of anything weird or the likes.

「It’s not like that……just the surrounding gazes」

Eh, surrounding? So it’s not my expression?
I have no idea what she was talking about, but apparently Primera seems to have realized. She had an expression like she had eaten something bitter.

「Primera also realized right?」

It seems I wasn’t mistaken about Primera’s reaction, Erumeru then continued speaking.
No, but I don’t understand what’s going on at all? I can’t be the only one not comprehending what’s going on, right?

「Mariabell-sama is the daughter of the duke and also found the dormant attributes of two people, besides that your also a fiancee candidate for the prince」


I am currently not, I will not concede on that part.

「Among the nobles there are people within the top class famous……who don’t like being around commoners」

The walls between the commoners and nobles. I never thought of myself like that before, the people usually around me are also the type that typically don’t worry about what others say.
Oresseine-san, Keito, Keito’s father, and many other servants. The people around me are all commoners but since they don’t mind those sort of things we’re all on good terms. Up until the end of the last round everything was just really horrible, being hated by everyone and even not having a mother……I am really glad I worked hard.

However, I also understand that my surroundings are within the minority. In truth the nobles around me including my father in the past five rounds, and the capture targets were all indulged in themselves.
That’s why the prince ended up being moved by the heroine who struggled in such a harsh environment without hesitation.
Thus the lively heroine obtained a happy ending while the villainess came to an ill end, and ultimately the wall between social status also began to gradually improve.

Currently it’s before the original story, there is no heroine so ultimately I am desperately trying to break the flag.
So in other words, the status barriers have not yet been improved.
That’s why Erumeru is worried about my reputation falling by being with her. Though on the other hand.
I actually think she’s really just worried about Primera. They are childhood friends and judging from Primera’s reaction the two are very close.
She is likely worried about involving Primera since we’re together by attracting attention, perhaps she might even be thinking that I will become tired of Primera since she has a commoner childhood friend.

Which is of course untrue. Even though I appear composed right now, I am actually cursing from the very depths of my heart. Being a villainess is hard.
However, regardless of the reason and method, I think it’s a good thing to worry about your friends. As a person also with a childhood friend, I can sympathize with her.

But only that part alone.

「Isn’t Erumeru being excessively self-conscious?」

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