Otome Game Rokkushuume 51

Chapter 51: Naive and Cute Friends

On the morning of the next day, when I normally went to school, neither Erumeru nor Primera had arrived yet.
I was relieved, but only because the tense moment was put off for now……
I don’t regret what I did yesterday, but I’m slightly reflective. In terms of location rather than content.
I ended up remembering later that we were in the dining hall. But I already attracted quite the public eye. Even though there are already rumors about me!
I have a bad habit of disregarding my surroundings sometimes. Thus I’m reflecting……

「Gokigen’yo, Mariabell-sama」

「G-Gokigen’yo, Primera-sama……and Erumeru-sama also」

「……Good morning」

They’re here……! It’s natural since we’re in the same class, but I wanted to have more time to mentally prepare.
No, even so I suppose there’s nothing I can do about it.
For the time being I will not say anything, I have no choice but to remain silent. I already said everything I wanted to say yesterday, regardless of whether it is good or bad, judgment will be entirely left to oneself.

「Should we go to the back garden for today?」

「…… Yes? 」

Eh, for what? The subject is important, is what Keito usually tells me but it’s actually quite true.
Despite my confusion Primera continued smiling happily……someone explain please.

「Primera, you have to explain properly」


She had a blank look even though Erumeru pointed it out.
Primera is likely just a natural airhead. Un, I was thinking if that was the case it’s alright……it’s quite cute and nice.

「Let’s eat lunch in the back garden for today……I made lunch boxes for you too」


This time I had a blank look on my face.
I wasn’t expecting this development……Erumeru had a stiff expression but Primera was smiling, so it didn’t seem to be heading in a bad direction.
But I’m sorry, I can’t really follow.


What should I do……what is the correct answer for this sort of situation?
Interpersonal skills are too difficult for the lower class me!

「……Anyhow, what are your lunch plans for today?」

「I have none」

「Then……let’s eat together」

It seems she noticed that I was troubled on how to answer, so she simplified the question.
Now there are only two choices “yes” or “no”, which the latter I couldn’t really choose since I already said I had no plans.
Either way, my choice has already been decided since the beginning.

「Of course, gladly」

I wonder if this could be said as everything working out as desired?
Or just everything working out conveniently.

× × × ×

After that the lessons hardly entered my head.
I just enrolled so it’s still fine……except saying this carelessly will greatly affect my future academic progress, it’s a school-type manga flag after all.
Un, I will do my best starting tomorrow. I’ll be troubled if my grades fall.

「Primera go ahead and find a good spot, we will take some time since we’re carrying the lunch boxes」

「Alright……in that case Mariabell-sama, I will be going ahead then」

After Erumeru said that, seemingly convincing Primera she then left holding only the picnic blanket and a bag of drinks.
Yes, I am now alone with Erumeru. It’s too quick for me to prepare my heart.
I think she purposely made Primera go ahead like this. The back garden was very large and aside from that there are very few people there so there was no need to look for a good spot.
Either Primera wasn’t unaware or Erumeru already notify her beforehand……from the exchange earlier this morning it was likely the former.

「Well then, hold this」

「Alright, understood」

She handed over a country-style basket to me. Since Erumeru also had the same one, it seems they split the three servings of lunch into two.
It’s quite large for three people……did they perhaps eat a lot? Because we didn’t eat together yesterday I don’t really know how much they ate.



I was distracted quite thoroughly by the basket. I am hungry since I just finished class……because we were silent ever since we started walking, I also wanted to be conscious of other things.

「I thought about what happened yesterday afterwards, and Primera also spoke about it」


「I realized that I was trying to put distance between us. Even though I am her childhood friend…..I couldn’t look past our social status difference」

「……You are also important for Primera, just like she is to you」

Because she’s important she didn’t want to separate, because she’s important she thought it was better to be separate.
Both of them cherish each other greatly and I think both are correct in the end. There isn’t anything gained by debating which feelings were right or wrong, there isn’t any point in saying an “unrelated person” was wrong.
Although I can sympathize, there is only one method I would choose.

「Primera also said the same thing」

Erumeru suddenly started laughing.
Her smile……this was the first time I saw it. It might’ve been a bitter laugh since I was thinking the same thing, but it still felt relieved.
Her expressions were dark but she’s cute when she laughs, she had quite the lively impression as she greatly laughed out loud.

「That’s why……I am convinced of what you said. Regardless of the nobility aspect, I have a favorable impression towards you」

Hm……somehow she seems to like me?

「But whether or not I want to be your friend……to be honest I don’t know yet」

Un, that was expected.
I had spoken rather selfishly, but my remark had increased her favorability towards me.
In the case of words, it is possible to say whatever you want.
The words of nobles especially have great impact as there are many people who will react to them, so even children are quite influential.
For commoners, it’s suicidal to judge nobles by their ‘words’ alone. Or if the person is just plain stupid.
After the past five rounds, that area is so painful that it’s scarring. Betrayal schemes, along with experiencing false charges as well, to be honest I think it’s more severe than the commoners who at least live in peace here. It was a matter of life or death, in reality I actually even died.

「That’s why, I will decide by myself from now on. I will talk with you and then decide whether I like you or not. You don’t have any problems with that right?」

The words of Erumeru were very cute but naive.
In reality she should be wary of saying such things to a noble as they might become angry, but for me if the opponent was a noble even if I couldn’t retaliate I could still cut off involvement with them.
In fact, I actually did do that to Tuvalu. I retaliated with all my might and even left a final blow. And now I’m currently struggling to sever ties from an engagement.

When I thought about that, Erumeru is still rather naive. Her original personality seems to be obedient and direct, so she probably isn’t use to disliking people without talking properly with them first.
I think it’s really naive. It’s really naive but I also feel the same way.
Avoiding obstacles aside, I did wish we could become friends.

「Yes, of course!」

We began laughing together and headed out just a bit earlier.
Primera was waiting for us, and above all I wanted to eat lunch happily together with everyone.
Although it’s still only a temporary friendship, my heart felt more cheerful than I had expected.


  1. Well, I hope Maria has true friends but sure Erumeru is naive, that’s dangerous. Maria should notice her once they truely become friends.


    • Oh, so Maria knows she was being irresponsible.
      No matter how she slices it, it’s a fact that Tuvalu’s mom got thrown away as soon as his dad got bored of her. He got laid and that’s all that counts for him.

      You can be friends with a noble, but they’re allowed to “prank” you or be inconsiderate towards you, so it can’t be anything like a relationship of equals. That sort of thing is already a cause of friction between friends who are social equals, nevermind when there’s an imbalance of power.

      It really is naive and I fear for Eru’s future. Just because bears usually don’t won’t hurt and you can hang around them doesn’t mean they won’t maul you and eat you when they feel like it. Or because you’ve overstepped yourself.


  2. …So repetitive, no? I’ve suggestions! Rather than translating every sentences directly into English (and caused such repetitive, awkward and formal/too chuuni/cringy sentences), you could perhaps consider the context and use a much relatable English intrepretation dialogue…? At the very least, it wont caused such cringy narration… sorry if this is rather offensive, um, imho, this is just a humble suggestion. Truly. Just discard it if its unpleasant or wrong.

    Thanks for the chapter!


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