Otome Game Rokkushuume 52

Chapter 52: Proclamations of Youth

Two weeks have passed since my enrollment.

My relation with Primera and Erumeru hasn’t particularly changed, we ate lunch together, spent our free time together……for one, I do think we are interacting as friends.
Although there are still many things we don’t know yet about each other, we’ve become well-acquainted over the past two weeks. But as of now the words “we are friends” is still but a dream.

Even so, knowing me and knowing them, it’s possible we will truly become friends in the future.
I was satisfied and felt comfortably at ease.

Above all it was generally peaceful. There are a few things that I should be slightly worried about but none that were too big of a deal.
And today there is an event being held for new students, so I’d like to focus on that.

「Has Maria-chan already decided?」

「No, I am still thinking about it……but you two have already decided right?」

「I am joining the handicraft club」

「I am joining track」

「I see……hmm, what should I do?」

I think that it can be guessed from the contents of our conversation, but club tours start today. There are some people who’ve already decided to enter a club before visiting since there’s a list of clubs in the school pamphlet.

Primera and Eru seems to be among that group……ah, Eru is Erumeru. Changing the way you refer to someone is the first step in becoming friends, I dropped the -sama part for Primera and began using Erumeru’s nickname. Of course the two have also began referring to me as Maria.

And the story diverted. Anyways, the time to choose clubs starts from today.

To be honest……there were no club activities that caught my interest. And my practice wand was slowly gathering dust.
In this school, or rather in this world club activities are a bit special.

First of all, there is no competition against schools. All the students of the same generation go to this school so it’s normal.
There aren’t any “school competitions” but there are various kinds of big and small competitions that vary by country……but I am not really knowledgeable in that area.

Because Mariabell didn’t actually join any clubs. Depending on the capture target she may perhaps participate in club activities, since she would join to run interference I could understand some of the process……but I also didn’t really pay attention because I was uninterested in sports to begin with.

「Why don’t you visit the clubs and see if there are any you’re interested in joining? We won’t be able to go with you since we have to participate in the entrance meeting……」

「Yes, I plan to do so. Thank you, I’m fine with going alone」

Let’s explore around a bit after school. There wasn’t really any club I wanted to join or was interested in, but it’s still better than joining none.
I want to eliminate as many common points as possible with the game’s Mariabell!

× × × ×

Classes end and it’s now after school.
With the pamphlet I received during my entrance in one hand, I decided to look into the clubs that interested me for now.
I tried to invite Keito thinking he might’ve wanted to come with me, but I was refused.

「I’m joining the gardening club」

「Eh, you’ve already decided?」

「I don’t have any other interests and I want to study as well」

In reality Keito is currently suppose to be training to become a gardener, but due to a twist of fate he ended up as a rare transfer student of a magic academy.
Although his path diverted greatly, his future as a gardener will likely remain unchanged if you ask me.
It’s due to his family but he also has an interest in gardening himself.

「Well then, I will visit when…」

「Okay, the gardening club is in the back garden」

「I understand, I will go visit whenever I have time」

In other words, I started club visits by myself.


    • Humh… I have the feeling she”s gonna meet the bland and boring prince Luna and the bastard Tuvalu when exploring. Seriously I don’t really hate them, but for Maria’s sake, I just want them to leave her alone.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter!

    I’m looking forward to seeing what club she finally decides on and what possible awkward situations will arise along the way.


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