Otome Game Rokkushuume 53

Chapter 53: Pleasantries with an Ikemen!

First off all sports club are out.

My athletic skills aren’t bad……I think. Mariabell is a villainess so she is quite high spec in everything other than her personality. She wasn’t the genius type but rather the type “that gets better the more she tried” but she would drop out of everything due to sheer laziness. But since she’s initially high spec to begin with her athletic skills aren’t bad either, above all her speed at escaping in the ending was faster than anyone else.

But the reason I don’t want to join any sports club isn’t because I’m “bad” at sports but rather because I don’t “like” sports.
Although it’s club activities of a rich school, I would still have a bad experience if I joined with little interest. That’s just how athletic clubs are.
Thus, as expected it’s the cultural clubs. If possible I would like to have a pleasant oujo-sama paradise.

「……This is quite the cultural department」

Although this would be expected of a magic academy.
Starting with Magic research, the Magic History club, the None-Attribute Magic Experimental club……and there will be even more in the high school divison since there will also be different attributes.
I like magic but…..I am not interested in research. Besides, I already know what attribute I am. But it’s better to hide that info instead of revealing it.
Otherwise exaggerated rumors like “I discovered my own attribute” will start spreading. Let’s avoid troublesome things!

「Handicrafts club……I wouldn’t mind joining」

Primera is there and it also seems fun.
However, I am not good with handicrafts and to be honest I’m more interested in the finished product instead of the actual process.
I’m confident in my skills against any ordinary noble daughters but not against noble daughters who have actual interest in handicrafts. Although my mother also had some interest in handicrafts it was still a rich person hobby, since the amount of time and money put forth was different it’s on a whole new level.

「……I don’t really feel like joining anything」

Of course there are clubs that a beginner could join with no problems but in the first place I wasn’t interested in anything to begin with.
Because it’s the time where people are visiting clubs, there are many recruitment posters on the bulletin board.

There’s also strange ones mixed in with the normal ones……what is this Cataliareus Theater Appreciation Club?
I’m assuming Cataliareus is a person’s name or something, but it’s not necessarily limited to that. Is it not just a Theatre Appreciation club?
There were some people that just appreciates the art of it and then there is the actual “Theatre Club” that actually does it. There were also advertising posters alongside it, a beautiful person with short moss-green hair was smiling on it.

「Starring Cataliareus Burnie ……ahh, this person」

Apparently it seems the mentioned Cataliareus is this person.

Seriously……is this person perhaps really good?

“Cataliareus Theater Appreciation Club” is probably a club dedicated to appreciating the plays this person is in. I’m starting to get interested……no, rather I am interested.


I want to go take a small look.
The smiling Cataliareus-san shown in the posters looked very beautiful, the gender neutrality appearance was attractive.
The appearance was different than the heroine and me……Oresseine-san is the closest. The difficulty in judging gender was exactly the same.

「Are you interested in the Theater Club?」

「No, I’m just looking……」

A voice came from behind, I immediately turned around and moved away from the front of the bulletin board.
I was in the way since I was standing in the middle of the bulletin board……or that’s what I thought.

「That’s a shame, cute new members are always welcomed after all」

Looking forward and looking backward, the faces are the same. Ah, each was very beautiful.
One is flat, the other one is three-dimensional. Of course the one that called out to me is three-dimensional.
I’m quite surprised that the actual person just appeared right in front of me.


「Nice to meet you, I’m Cataliareus Burnie, a third year」

A handsome face and gentle looking eyes.
Moss green hair and greenish-yellow eyes along with well-defined facial features. The type where you could both the appearance of a boy and girl from the face.
The height was also very tall but……she seems to be female because she was wearing a skirt. Unless Cataliareus-san had a hobby of dressing up as a girl.
She was wearing a black knee-length skirt along with a white shirt which I felt emphasized her gender neutral appearance. I suppose she is someone who knows her own traits well, she looked very nice.

「Are you a new student?」

「Ah……excuse me, I am Mariabell Tempest, a first year」

「You mean the rumored……?」

「Rumors……is it」

I had a bad feeling when that phrase came out.

「Prince Runa’s fiancee──」

「No, your wrong」

As expected it was that…..!
I instinctively denied rather sharply, even though the other party was my senior…..I will reflect on it but I don’t regret it.
I don’t know what will happen if I don’t properly deny it, I could only imagine a horrible future.
Rumors and misunderstandings are guaranteed in a shoujo manga, it’s best to remain composed and clearly deny those sorts of issues, act embarrassed and annoying misunderstandings may arise.

「I was nominated as a candidate before but I am not anymore」

「Is that right? The prince is so wasteful to cancel an engagement with such a cute child like yourself」

She smiled softly and gave off a rather prince-like impression herself. I thought that I could even see light shining from behind her.
Since she isn’t a capture target I can actually admire her. She was really cool.

「Have you already decided which club you want to join?」

「No, not yet……there are so many clubs so I was a bit lost」

「There isn’t any specific number required for a club so even one member could register a club . Because there are also many clubs that are barely active, it would be smart to make effective use of the club trial periods」

「Is that so…..」

I’ll keep this valuable advice in mind.
However I might be overwhelmed if I try out too many clubs.
I still have some time, so let’s think it over……

「Anyhow, I apologize for holding you up, I hope you find a club you like」

「Likewise, thank you for your valuable advice」

「You’re welcome」

Even the image of her leaving with one hand raised up in farewell was very nice……I know she’s female but I still want to call her an ikemen. I could now slightly understand the feelings of people who are addicted to Takarazuka.

In the end I didn’t visit any clubs for today and just finished gathering info on what kind of clubs there are.


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