Otome Game Rokkushuume 57

Chapter 57: Merciless Three Hour Course

The door to the room was very gorgeous and luxurious.
There were bookshelves lined up to my left and right, while the front side had a single window letting in a bright and spacious atmosphere. The desk, chair, and each piece of furniture to even the carpet in the room gave off an illusion as if this room were a room inside a mansion.

No, it’s not a mistake because it’s a room inside a castle-like building but…..in the first place this is a school. It’s a rich school, and the classrooms and other facilities are all very gorgeous, so the tolerance range should be quite large yet I still can’t help but comment on it.
First of all, isn’t the room design rather strange? Even including me there should only be six people using this room right?

But somehow it’s about the size of half a classroom enough to fit around 25 people. Half a classroom might not sound like that big a deal, but when you think about the difference between the actual number of people using this room it’s rather strange. And the classrooms are also abnormally large to begin with.
Even the furniture is very high-class, think about the use of money.

「Coffee or black tea, which?」

「I would like black tea」

「I’ll have the same thing」

I would assume usually there is only coffee or black tea. No, in a regular student council room, there shouldn’t be tea leaves or utensils occupying an entire shelf. It would normally be the instant kind, although personally water is also fine.

「So one coffee and two black teas then」

Ah, so Julius-sama prefers coffee. Well, I guess there really wasn’t any need to copy Catalia-sama……ahh but I can’t really drink coffee anyways.
Julius-sama then rang a small golden bell and a white-haired man dressed in butler clothing immediately entered from the door. He appears youthful for an old man but his age is probably old enough to be considered a grandpa. So in other words, an elderly gentleman. And one of the waiters in the academy.
Since a waiter appeared it seems that Julius-sama will not be the one preparing the drinks, it seems I’ve also become considerably spoiled. Although I can’t really resist since it’s a normal occurrence at this point.
We sat down in the reception area, after the waiter finished preparing the drinks and left the room, Julius-sama began explaining about the student council.

「Student council work is mostly just paperwork, so office work. Especially with new secretaries the work is usually always paperwork…..thus you will not be really busy under any circumstances but you also won’t have much free time」

In particular since the prince became the president this year it seems it’ll be busier than usual in regards to reception. Because of that the other member’s workload will also increase due to the increase in reception for the prince.

Furthermore, since the status of the other members are also either related to the royal family or the upper aristocracy in accordance with the prince, there is a high possibility that aside from the prince even the other members will have to deal with receptions.

Why make such a troublesome person president…..making successive royal family members president, shouldn’t they have learned since Soleil would’ve been one recently.

「There isn’t any problems regarding your status since your the daughter of the Tempest house, it’ll actually even be helpful if you entered…..but for now let’s just wait for the others to arrive first」

「Speaking of which there are also four people from last year and another new person entering right?」

「Yes, a first year boy, you might be acquainted with him already since he’s from Class C」


A person from the same class joining the student council……I wonder who it could be.
I don’t have any knowledge about events occurring during middle school, so if possible I would prefer someone who isn’t involved with the story.

「Well, I’ll introduce you anyways, they should be arriving soon……」

As if right on cue. There was a sound of the door opening slightly and I turned my eyes towards it.

At that moment, my memory lapsed.
It was a person who could clear the strict status restrictions that were implemented when the prince became president, the person was also very talented so it wouldn’t even be strange if he did join the student council.
More than anything, if Prince Runa enters the student council that person wouldn’t be able to be together with him anymore.
And for me, an existence that I am most wary of.

When I returned to myself, I saw a beautiful light blue hair color next to a silver hair color.


  1. Lol, yep! We all knew it. He’s such a close friend to the Prince, there’s no way he wouldn’t also be a part of StuCo. And she’s so traumatized by him…🤣


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