Otome Game Rokkushuume 58

Chapter 58: A Light Blue Color is not Necessarily Gentle to the Eyes

「So you two are already acquainted with the Tempest’s daughter」

「Yes, we have met several times already」

「Somehow, it seems to be good fate」

「Ah, haha……ha……」

I wonder if there is a place in this world where I could sever all connections. At this point even if it’s a suspicious looking fortune teller, someone please help me.
I’ve already stopped breathing.

「Then I’ll just do a simple introduction, President Runa and Treasurer Tuvalu」

Now that I think about it if Runa is the president it’s only natural for Tuvalu to also be in the student council. His severe “sickness” for his childhood friend has long developed.
Why couldn’t I have realized that sooner……!?

My crisis avoiding abilities appears to be awfully useless, but even so couldn’t there have been a better crisis than this?
With the appearance of the student council members the outsider Catalia-sama left so my sole support would be the newly-acquainted Juilius-sama.

Aside from the two capture targets, I just met him today but for now I have a good impression of him, compared to the typical mysterious person he’s slightly more on the positive side.
I am also still an outsider! But I don’t really have the courage to actually say that.

「And the two of them are the other treasurer and secretary」

Without noticing the conflict in my heart, Julius-sama pointed to a person with brown hair wearing glasses and a person with black hair who had fox-like eyes. Judging from the color of their school badge the brown hair one appears to be a second year and the black hair one a first year.

「I’m Seeka Neil, we’re from the same class but this is the first time I spoke to you」

Speaking of Julius-sama did mention something like this a while ago. The shock of light blue was too strong so it was sent flying from my memories.
But……even though we’ve been in the same class for around a month now the name didn’t ring a single bell. I am very sorry.

It’s familiar for me, but this should be the first time I saw black hair in this world……yet it didn’t leave a single impression. Even though I am devoting my utmost to stay vigilant of Sashia, as expected it’ll be a problem to let this narrowness of my field of vision to continue on any longer. Anyhow, I really am sorry.

「I’m sorry, my memories are rather bad」

「No, I’m not really the prominent type either」

Is this that? Is he essentially implying that I stand out?
Although he’s a bit plain his facial features are nice……at least much better than that light blue that entered my sight earlier.
To be honest, that mask-like smile I’m seeing from the corner of my eyes is rather scary. It made me recall of a certain mask with crescent moon shapes for it’s eyes and mouth.

「And this is Thomas, a second year. He’s currently the only secretary」

「Thomas Crowe, pleased to meet you」

Julius-sama introduced the last one and Tuvalu finally disappeared from my line of sight when I turned to face him. It’s scary that he’s watching from where I can’t see him…..but at the very least I get to erase him from my thoughts for a bit.
Thomas-sama, I suppose he seems normal but in a good way.
Not only are his facial features well-balanced but even his body. He’s likely the type where when you first meet him the only impression would be “wears glasses”, so essentially the type without any distinctive or noticeable elements.
For me it’s rather nice and gentle on the eyes. Because he’s different from all the conspicuous ikemen thus far.

「I am Mariabell Tempest, I look forward to working with you from today」

「Miss Tempest might be joining as a secretary, so I’ll leave her to you, Thomas」

「Understood, if it means decreasing my workload I’ll fully cooperate」

「Since she hasn’t decided whether to officially join yet, be careful regarding the management of information」

Even if it’s the student council should students still be allowed to handle matters like confidential information…..but then again, since the student council is essentially managing and allocating expenses it does make sense that they would naturally be involved in other affairs.
After Julius-sama’s words everyone headed to their own seats and began working. I was sitting beside Thomas and the other first year Seeka was being taught next to Tuvalu.

If there had been a lack of treasurers I would be the one next to Tuvalu being taught, but since Seeka took that position for the time being I felt relieved to be a secretary.
But thinking carefully, if I did enter the Student Council I would basically be meeting Tuvalu face to face everyday. Imaging the horrific future outcomes, I began worrying about how I would go about declining the invitation to join.

No, seriously what should I do……


  1. Lol for someone who is trying to get out of the bad end route, she has very limited information… more like she doesnt even care to be up to date on the target characters where abouts as long as its away from her. XD

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  2. So far there’s no direct contract yet huh…but Mariabelle, give up so you really think that Tuvalu will let you leave? 😂 Thanks for the update!! Aaaaah~ I wonder what will be Tuvalu say to her after so long 😆

    Liked by 2 people


    Fuh. No movement from the enemy so far, si yes sir. Proceed, seargant!


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