Otome Game Rokkushuume 59

Chapter 59: A Villainess Leaning Towards No

「The job of the secretary is to keep records. Along with that we also have to make flyers and guidebooks for events, if there are meetings we will also have to record the proceedings」

During the training session, I couldn’t really stay vigilant towards Tuvalu and Runa. I will not be entering anyways to begin with……no, I’m going to push towards not entering with all my might, but I still have to pay attention for today.
It’s rude towards Thomas-sama who is giving me explanations, so if possible I should try to avoid thinking about other things.

「Most are handwritten, but we can use a typewriter if it gets too difficult or if there’s too many. Have you used a typewriter before?」

「No, never……but I know how to use it」

Typewriter……I’ve seen father and Oresseine-san using one before, but I have never used one myself. I don’t write as much to where I would need to use a typewriter.
As to why I know how to use one even so, it’s because of the knowledge I accumulated from the past five rounds. Even so I would never use it since there really wasn’t any need to do so.

「Today I am just making copies of the other day’s record of proceedings, so there isn’t really much work. It might be boring……but please sit on this chair and watch for now」

Thomas drew out a simple chair as he said that and urged me to sit down,
Even though it’s simple, there is a luxurious feeling, such as the shiny wooden texture and fluffy cushion. At the very least it’s to the point where it’s not suitable for a school’s student council.
Shouldn’t we really just re-check over how the money is spent?

「Ah, if you want tea or anything just ring that bell and a waiter will come」

This is quite outrageous. It’s like back home.
After that Thomas-sama immersed himself in his work and only the sound of typing could be heard.
During the training process, my intentions to refuse joining began to rise. Disregarding the confidential words written on the paper outside as much as possible, I focused my attention on Thomas’ hands, it’s a leisure to say that there is nothing to do.
But that aside since my natural enemy is in the same space I have to remain vigilant. I don’t know what will happen if I even reveal the slightest bit of weakness……I feel like some sort of criminal on the inside. But with no intention to reform.

Ah, as for who is this natural enemy, I’m sure everyone knows correct?
It’s that light blue haired yandere that’s shrouded in darkness you know?
Julius-sama looks overwhelmingly scary if it’s only the face……but truly, people cannot be judged from their looks!

With these sorts of thoughts in mind during the training session…..one hour passed. It seems I was too conscious of the natural enemy, although it hasn’t been that long I started feeling a dull pain like muscle soreness.
Due to my concentration it seems I became negligent in my surroundings and a big hand landed on my shoulder.

「Miss Tempest, you may return soon」


「You’ve learned enough already, the job of the secretary is a simple task so we’ll teach you more if you decide to join later on」

「Yes, understood」

Finally I can leave……although it’s only been an hour, I think I feel more tired from doing nothing but watching than I would’ve been from working. Mostly mentally though.

「You can think it over on whether you want to join or not……but since the roster of the members will be made at the end of this month I’ll ask you at that time」

Roster……ah, like that. So a booklet will be made with pictures like the ones showing each successive headmasters.
At the end of the month……so one month. That’s enough time to think about an excuse to refuse the invitation…..since I haven’t thought of one yet at the moment.

「Well, thanks for today. I will talk to Catalia……so please refuse properly」


The last words were spoken in a low voice so that the others couldn’t hear, but I could hear it clearly since he was right in front of me.
Refuse……no, I meant to refuse, but how did he find out!? Did it show on my face? But I only really didn’t want to join after I realized that Tuvalu was also here…..!

Did I perhaps make a really disgusted expression at that moment? But if so, I think the person himself would’ve noticed. Although he was released as a yandere, for the time being I feel his character setting is more that of a “schemer”.
My stomachaches are starting to returning after remembering that I started a fight against such a person……

「……Etto, I’ll think about it」

In the end I was caught off-guard to the point where I recalled the exchanges between me and Tuvalu, so I was only able to reply in rather dry voice.
I’m not interested in whether Tuvalu’s impression of me is bad or not, but I’d like to avoid being hated enough to the point where I end up raising a death flag unrelated to the heroine.

……Although I feel it might be a bit too late.


  1. I hope she will join the gardening club with Keito, because… that Tuvalu is so damn creepy
    Oh but Julius is kind of cute, a scary looking person with a soft heart fufufufu


  2. thanks for the chapter

    oh man,why do i feel like it’ll go down to the stupid route where she’ll have no choice but to join (perhaps out of pity or someone’s schemes)
    as for that tuvalu shit..dude he’s been established as a shitty character (for me that is), he can redeem himself, sure, but it doesn’t mean that he has to stay in MC’s life


  3. Honestly, she’s been given a green card to refuse…all she has to do is refuse now. It doesn’t seem incredibly difficult and makes her life easier especially since those words came from the VP.


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