Otome Game Rokkushuume 60

Chapter 60: Reconfirmation

What should I do? How should I refuse?
It’s not really bad if Tuvalu were to find out……no, it shouldn’t be a problem even if he did find out. Each person has their own preferences, even people who appear agreeable on the outside still have their own thoughts on the inside.
But the other party is Tuvalu, there is a possibility of being guided to the death flag even if it doesn’t involve the heroine, rather imagining it is far too easy.
From the bottom of my heart, I wish for villainess capture target guide. Please give me a death flag avoidance manual!


Rather why do I even have to be scared of coming up with a refusal?
Would it be bad if I actually refused? It should be alright if I’m just busy or have a reasonable reason. Although I do feel a bit guilty towards Catalia-sama, to begin with she isn’t even a member of the Student Council.


That’s right, let’s think about it. My thoughts became disordered after encountering Tuvalu, but if I think logically, this is an opportunity. Thomas-sama seems to be troubled by the lack of manpower, but Julius-sama doesn’t expect me to enter so the hurdle is low.
Let’s go at this calmly. I am too busy to figure out what I want to do. So I should instead try not to think as much. Especially since I’m originally not suitable for thinking.



「……Any longer and you would’ve ran into it」

My name resounded through my ears and a hand grabbed onto my arm preventing me from walking any further.
I finally realized that I was one step away from running into the fountain so I was relieved. If I kept walking like this, I would’ve hit my knees against the edge made of stone, and worse case fallen straight into the fountain.

「Ah, thanks……」

「Be careful, if you were to get hurt here we wouldn’t be able to return to the dormitories right away」

「Yes, I’m sorry……」

We are currently in “Oztown” a town located on the premises of the school. From everyday consumables to food, it is a versatile castle city with many miscellaneous goods and accessories.
It seems the facilities are all so perfect to prevent any inconveniences……I don’t think it’s good to be too spoiled. Although I wouldn’t voice any complaints due to the social status of the ongoing students. If they were to wonder around and end up being kidnapped it could become an international problem.
And due to the numerous stores there are also many kinds of assortments which is helpful, so I should actually be grateful not complain.

「So, have you decided on what to buy? 」

「Not at all, I have thought about it, but I don’t really know what a guy would like」

「I suppose……Greas-sensei is also an adult, so there is also an age difference aside from gender」

We are……or rather I am here today for the purpose of finding a gift for Greas-sensei in thanks for the barrette I received as an entrance celebration.
Although it has already been about a month, I didn’t have time to go shopping since I was busy adjusting to the school and dormitories.
In the end after quite a while……today was a break day so there were no classes or clubs so I was able to get Keito involved, which should be helpful.

「Someone similar……how about Kirua-sama?」


「Someone close to Maria who is also an adult male」

「Well……that is true」

That part is similar, but it’s a different story when it comes to using him as an equal reference. Particularly with presents.
He’s my father and he dotes on me very much. If it’s father he would be happy even if I gave him weed from the side of the road.

「Your father……is also quite unique isn’t he?」

「……That is quite true」

As expected, he is familiar about both me and father.
Apparently it would seem the image in my mind was properly conveyed.

「……Ah, then what about Oresseine-san? He is practically like family and he is also like Kirua-sama」

「Oresseine-san is……」

Older, an adult, a male. All three match up, and he’s sweet towards me but not as much as father. He’s essentially like a family member, calling him father’s secretary is also a good distance to place him at.
Above all Oresseine-san refers to me as “Lord’s daughter” or “Miss Tempest” and such. I think he is the closest person I know that would be similar to Greas-sensei.
Isn’t he perfect then? Now if I can just remember any presents I gave to Oresseine-san……

「……It’s no good」


「I have never given Oresseine-san any gifts before」

My birthday was celebrated every time. Since I can buy anything at my own discretion, I have tried preparing a gift as sign of appreciation and gratitude.
At that time I was also agonizing over what to get like I am now, so I ended up asking the person himself “What would you like?” Now that I think about it he’s unlikely to give a serious answer to a child.
So at that time, he responded, “Ojo-sama being in good health is the best present for me”.
Each and every year, my health and happiness are given as gifts and eventually I entered the academy without ever giving an actual gift.

「Father may have given him something but……they would never do it in front of me」

「Well……that makes sense, his position is essentially a servant of Maria so he can’t disregard that, normally a Lord of a House would never celebrate a servant’s birthday」

「Is that right?」

「That’s what I’ve heard at least」

Did he perhaps hear that when he was attending commoner elementary school? Or did he perhaps ask other nobles after coming to this school?
It doesn’t really matter but…..it’s true, I don’t know any other House that would celebrate a servant’s birthday.
I don’t really have that many friends or interact much with others but it still seems to be the case.
Hm…..in that case, would Greas-sensei perhaps not accept my present? He’s no longer my tutor so he’s not a servant, but if Greas-sensei responds to me like Oresseine-san does.
I want to thank him, but in reality it might just be a bother……



「……As expected, is it better to just stop?」

「Huh? What’s with you all of a sudden?」

「I don’t really know what he wants……and if I chose something bad wouldn’t it just become a bother?」

It would be the same as being meddlesome or causing an inconvenience, there’s nothing more troublesome than forcing an unwanted gift onto somebody. Some people just don’t think about others, but there is also such a thing like ego on the sending side.
Appreciating the thought but having no need for the gift, I would be rather troubled. It’s possible to throw it away but then there is the feeling of guilt.
In that case it would be better to stop and just write a thank you letter or something.

「Since it’s up to Maria to decide I think you should do whatever you want…..but was Maria happy when you received your present?」

「Yes……yes, of course」

Keito pointed to the barrette, which was also shining brightly from my hair today as well. I use it almost every day after receiving it since it’s my favorite.

「Greas-sensei might’ve also felt the same as you when he was picking out a present. Aside from that he’s likely also not familiar with what girl’s like」

「That is……」

I wonder about that…..that person was a playboy before after all. He acts like a nice older brother towards me and Keito, but I cannot deny the possibility that the game settings may still influence his behavior.
Well, even if his flirtatious settings still persisted a child who just entered middle school should be out of his range so it’s likely as Keito says.

「But Greas-sensei did hand-pick something out for you, and because you were happy about that you wanted to do the same for him. I don’t think there is really anything to worry about」

As usual, you’re at your own pace no matter the location. I don’t think it’s good to be too spoiled, but our relationship feels very comfortable.
Besides with Keito the atmosphere is always easygoing.
Somehow it’s haphazard, bold, I don’t know whether to praise or belittle it……it’s mostly the latter.
But from the experiences of the past five rounds, I can be brave but I can also be scared, I don’t want to experience such terror ever again so I want to act as carefully as possible. Whether my plan is reflected in the results is another story.
Like always, I feel as if Keito’s existence also makes me feel daringly bold and haphazard.
There is no need to be anxious, there is no need for vigilance, it’s comfortable anywhere. Pushing my hesitating back forward.
It feels as if Keito is looking at the original me. The one from before experiencing the past five rounds, the one who wasn’t on auto-mode.

「……As expected, being with Keito is nice」

「……What’s with you suddenly, did you trip and hit your head?」

「Your words are strange and also rude」

I reconfirmed my gratitude towards Keito unexpectedly……although I will never tell the person himself, he would make fun of me. Or maybe he would just look at me with a weird expression like he just saw a ghost or something.

「Well then, let’s charge ahead into all the shops that look nice one after another! Get ready!」

「It’s too dangerous to do that for just choosing a present. Look properly in front of you」

Complaining while still following my lead, he truly is a great childhood friend.

After visiting several stores, in the end I finally settled on a fountain pen. It’s practical, it doesn’t take up space, and there’s always a use for it. So there would be no trouble in receiving it.
More than anything, the moment I saw it I thought that it suited Greas-sensei.
A moon-white color gradient and a unique marble-like pattern, it’s shiny, glossy, and smooth appearance is very beautiful. I feel that the golden color of the clip and pen tip resembles Greas-sensei’s eyes.
I had the message card written at the store, and as soon as I returned to the dormitories I asked a butler to deliver it the staff’s dormitories.


    • No! Our MC means she feels like herself before she reincarnated and became traumatized by the 5 previous rounds of auto-mode. Keito does not have memories of the previous rounds. He is like her happy place/safe zone 😛

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  1. The only reason why i still read the novel is Keito….. because María is so stupid ,she has luck this isn’t a dark story


  2. Keito is such a wonderful character. I honestly don’t know what she’d do without him. He’s the biggest anomaly but also the best thing to happen to her.

    Thanks for the chapter!


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