Otome Game Rokkushuume 61

Chapter 61: The Feeling of Excitement from Happiness

It seems that my thank-you gift for Greas-sensei arrived during the day. I was expecting it to arrive earlier to some extent because we’re living in the same area, but it was already evening when I asked the butler. As expected one way or another……getting too use to this is degenerative.  Either way it’s bad. Otherwise it could become an annoying or troublesome sort of habit.

In addition, in the morning, before going to school, I received a letter of gratitude from Greas-sensei. It was unexpected, it was difficult to get this past my common sense. But for now let’s just be glad it was properly received, rather let’s just think of it that way.
This school……rather this world doesn’t have the same common sense as mine. I already knew that though.

Besides there is a little event for today. I don’t have time to think about other things.

「So me, Primera, and Eru……is just the three of us enough?」

「Eru-chan, are there any others you want to invite?」

「Not really, what about you two?」

「I am also……」

「I am the same, I don’t have anyone to invite first of all」

We used a pen and wrote the three of our names down on paper.
There was still plenty of space left on the paper which listed our members. But I’m sorry we cannot write down anymore.
It might look like a scene where we are chatting leisurely together, but we are actually finishing our plans.
Normally right now should be class time but currently we’re self-studying……or rather it’s because this is our current work.

「So then the three of us are good enough?」

「Un, I can’t work well with that many people anyways」

A new student camping trip is being held at the end of this month, every year the new students of the middle school division are supposed to go on a trip of three days and two nights in order to deepen their bonds. The high school division is just advancing up so apparently there’s no need for them to do this, so it’s just an annual exclusive event for the middle school division.

While the guidebook says training camp, looking at the pamphlet of the place it just appears to be a luxurious summer resort.
Upon waking up breakfast is prepared by the chefs, there were various sorts of entertainment to choose from during the mornings, during noon the chefs once again prepare lunch, and in the afternoon we break into groups for recreation time. So this is essentially just three days of eating and playing before going home.

The rooms are also single rooms, it’s truly just a vacation trip. Where did the training camp element go?
The only part like a training camp is the recreation time with groups. In order to obtain food for dinner, it seems that the group will work together to solve a mystery and play a little game. I would assume that cooking together by themselves would count as cooperation…..but I suppose this is the limit of noble daughters.

It seems we will hear the full details at that time, but I think that it will fit the concept of deepening bonds.
The problem is that each group is decided by themselves and there wasn’t any limit to how many people. It would make sense to deepen bonds with people you were unfamiliar with, but letting people choose their own groups will just result in people grouping with their friends. And for those without any friends it’ll be no different than hell.
At this point it isn’t something like promoting independent decisions anymore, it’s just flat-out leaving all the decision-making to others.

「Sasha, come join us!」

「We don’t have enough people over here!」

At least the person next to us doesn’t have to worry about such matters. Rather he’s receiving too much invites that he’s smiling wryly.

「……Sasha-kun, looks troubled」

「It seems there are other classmates joining in」

Both Primera and Eru are watching the fight over the person sitting next to me, this seems like it’ll take a while…..no matter who he chooses there will be some complaints.
Also Sashia’s personality makes it hard for him to turn down others, being too popular is also a problem. It’s a big difference from me who is still being called Mariabell-sama from the majority of my class.
……I am not jealous, not at all.

「Well if it’s Sasha he’ll manage somehow. Anyways let’s check over our equipment if the group is decided」

Apparently losing interest, Eru was the first to look away. Although Primera still seemed a bit worried, in the end it seems she deemed that there was nothing she could do. She turned her attention to the book that Eru spread onto the desk and began chatting happily.
I wasn’t really interested to begin with so there wasn’t any particular impact on me. I was wondering what to do if we somehow ended up in the same group due to our seating or something, I would probably be alarmed more than anything.

At any rate various sorts of flags would start to rain down, so of course it’s undesirable. It would be bad if I let my guard down towards Sashia……this time the camp doesn’t involve any other capture targets other than Sashia, it’s also in an environment where I would be completely relaxed and a long-awaited trip with Primera and Eru.
So it should be pretty fun. Because up till now my only two choices for school events would be either skipping or harassing.

「Are you two already prepared?」

「Not yet, it’s a training camp, so I was wondering what clothes to wear」


Although it’s a training camp, ninety percent of it is actually just a vacation trip, and the place we will be staying at is a fully-equipped hotel owned by the school. It seems that there are many places around the forest and mountains that are not maintained, but seeing it as preserved part of nature further enhances the summer resort. It is a training camp after all.

But since it seems that all the amenities are complete, we can easily spend three days comfortable there with a minimal amount of clothing and utensils. Shampoos, toothbrushes, towels and such can also be brought if the person is fussy……I wonder if I should? Even if I don’t the hotel wouldn’t have anything of bad quality, so there isn’t any need to worry about shampoos and such. So my hair wouldn’t become frayed or anything.
I have about 3 days’ worth of clothes, school-designated jerseys, and pajamas. Although it’s possible to wear plain clothes, considering Primera in the case she gets lost it’s best to have on something easy to move in.

「Then in that case, should we go shopping in Oz on our next day off? For anything we’re missing, sweets, and such」

Anyhow, now it’s turned into a conversation between friends preparing for a trip.
In the second year of high school there is also a school trip, even though I experienced it five times already this somehow feels fresh. Ahh, it’s because when Mariabell and her followers go shopping it’s either we’re all “going” or you’re all “coming”. Also although it may be normal for nobles, I just couldn’t wipe the sense of incongruity of high school students ordering from private tailors.
In that sense, Eru’s sensibility as a commoner is very reassuring. Since she would’ve also attended elementary school her conduct should be the most normal.
Well~ normal is the best!

「Sounds good! I’d also like to get a new pair of pajamas」

「A new one?」

「Un, Oz has shops that produce certain series」

…… As expected this area is very rich, when I think about the previous gaudy followers it feels even more so. A daughter of nobility being rich is definitely a truth.

「Are you also good with that Maria? Do you have other plans?」

「Un, I’m fine with that, I would also like to buy new clothes」

「Maria-chan is pretty so everything suits you after all」

「No, on the contrary gym uniforms wouldn’t suit her, her face would be too beautiful」

「Are you praising me? Or are you making fun of me?」

A pleasant and warming relationship without any selfishness.
And a place where I belong is gradually taking form.
As long as I disregard Sashia, it seems like I can look forward to this training camp.
But before that, I will go shopping during the weekend…….it will be my first time going shopping with female friends. What should I do I’m feeling a bit nervous.


  1. Thank you for the chapter!
    Urg… even though i know this is a web novel, every chapter is so short! I want moarrrrr! This is so irritating that the publishers in my country won’t license these shoujo novels (they only go for famous ones or ones i don’t like -_-). On addition, Amazon refuses to ship these books to my country ◑▂◐


  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    I wonder if we’ll ever get a POV chapter from Sashia and if he’s noticed how hard she ignores him. Lol


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