Otome Game Rokkushuume 63

Chapter 63: A Sign of the Start is the Feeling of the Earth

Days worth of clothes and underwear, sweets and writing utensils, insect repellents and sunscreen are all packed up. All the various sorts of luggage are sent ahead of time, and currently the middle school first years are traveling by airship.
Starting from today, our new student camping trip begins.

「Where is the training camp?」

「According to the guidebook, it seems to be in Leithia’s territory」

The country of green “Leithia” most of the land is covered in mountains and forests, it’s a place where most of the nature remains intact. The area where people live is limited, and the majority of inhabitants are  either magic beast hunters or researchers investigating unknown plants.

Excellent hunters and researchers gather due to the nature of Leithia, many special products are made from materials that are stripped from magic beasts and many medical herbs are processed from the plants in Leithia.

Thus it seems that it’s considered a special country regardless of the small population and the size of the country itself. Each country signed a treaty that prohibits invasion, monopoly, and the likes of this country.
To be honest, since it’s a country that hardly appears in the actual game, my knowledge is only limited to the information written in the guidebook.

What’s up with building a camp in an area filled with magic beasts? Of course, it’s protected by a defensive barrier, and the escort includes a leading teacher who specializes in offensive magic.

「Warning……do not leave the defensive barrier」

The defensive barrier is essentially a dome-shaped barrier. From the air it looks like a shell enclosing the area from all sides. There is no need to worry about it being broken and with the cooperation of the escorting teachers, it will withstand external attacks.
The only problem is from the inside.

Because the defensive barrier is specialized for protection against the outside, it’s actually easy to go out from the inside. It’s originally designed to just withstand external shocks so that point would of course be quite natural.

Thus it was advised not to approach the boundary between the inside and outside of the defensive barrier. I don’t feel like getting close to such a dangerous zone anyways.

「The training camp is quite large, so I think it would take quite a long time to reach the boundary line right?」

「That would make sense」

I nodded in agreement to Primera who was also reading the guidebook.
It’s true as judging from the pictures the building was quite large, it’s already very abnormal since a single room could be allocated to all the students. And there are even other facilities such as the theater room, gymnasium, and tennis courts.

「Eru said she wanted to play tennis during leisure hours」

「It’s because I heard the courts are very large」

「Even though you already exercise quite a lot in your club, you really do like sports」

「Say that to Primera, at least I chose something different than track」

For the morning leisure hours one can choose anything they’ll like to do, yet Primera chose to do handicrafts just like in her club.
Eru likes exercising to begin with, and although tennis and track are both sports their still completely different. But for Primera her club activities is essentially just sewing or knitting every single day.

「Because Leithia has many kinds of flowers, I thought that I could make something new」

So in other words it’s not the same because the materials are different. For Primera it seems the details regarding handicrafts is quite specific too.

I wouldn’t know but for each their own, it would be difficult for someone not committed to the hobby to understand.
Keito also an interest in flowers rightー…….perhaps I should bring one from Leithia as a souvenir.

「It would be great if you could make something cute」

「Un! Maria-chan will be theater appreciating right?」

「Yes, I became a bit interested after talking with Catalia-sama」

After hearing that films of plays featuring the prince of the theater club, Catalia-sama, would be shown in the theater room I became interested.
I’ve heard about her plays many times yet I still haven’t seen one before. Since she’s always so gentleman-like, I thought about observing her play for once.

「I am also interested……please let me know your impression 」

「Of course」

「Both of you look outside! Is that it?」

Eru who was looking happily outside the window beckoned us while pointing outside. Looking towards where she was pointing, I saw a wooden building surrounded by vast greenery.

「It really is in the middle of the forest」

Forests and mountains, from an aerial perspective what I saw was a sea of trees. There was also an area covered in pink, white, and other various sorts of colors so likely a flower garden or something, but it’s hard to tell just how wide it was due to the vastness of greenery.

The airship began slowly descending downwards. The hotel which gradually grew larger was definitely quite impressive though……the surroundings of the training camp was just like what I heard beforehand, but it’s scale was still quite different than what I had imagined.
I thought that the training camp would be similar to a luxurious trip, but it seems that the luxuriousness is far beyond my common sense.

「It’s quite the lovely place, I was wondering how it would be since it was a training camp」

「It belongs to the school after all, I’m looking forward to seeing how the rooms are」

Everyone else is already use to it, as expected.
Among them, I am the most surprised even though my social status and wealth is higher……ah, it’s because this sort of knowledge is normal for the average person. I immediately began missing Keito.

「The teachers will begin calling us soon」

I felt a slight sensation, similar to the feeling when an elevator stops, which likely means we have successfully landed. Looking outside the ground is also near us.
One of the teachers raised their hands and called out.

「The landing is complete, everyone please gather around!」

I heard that preparing for a trip and the trip itself is the most exciting part, but I am most excited right now.
This was the first time “I” participated in a school event.
Soothing my rapidly beating heart, I enjoyed the reunion with the ground after a few hours.


  1. Thank you for the chapter!!
    With the amount of times Mariabell thinks about Keito, I just can’t help wanting to ship them together!
    Looking forward to reading what happens in on this school trip!!

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  2. “To be honest, since it’s a country that hardly appears in the actual game, my knowledge is only limited to the information written in the guidebook.”

    Hasn’t she already been through the game like a hundred times? She should know what’s there and going to happen….


    • The game starts in the high school, currently she’s in middle so game hasn’t started yet. So she doesn’t know what’s going to happen since it’s not part of game.


    • I lied to myself thinking that the many times she’d gone through the game and she still not used to the luxurious things are due to her being anxious and nerves got high-strung during previous rounds because her body was out of her control and bad endings were always waiting for her. Lol. Denying plot holes desperately…


  3. Airship… wth? Since this is a fantasy world, I was wondering how they would be going to that school trip, i expected huge carriages but airship was out of my imagination lol
    Thanks for the chapter


  4. Thank you very much for the chapter!

    I noticed common mistake for “it’s” and “its” usage!

    It’s = simplification of “it is”.
    E.g. “It’s useless! I’m in love with Keito” says Mariabell to Tuvalu 😆

    Its = ownership of an object by a (usually) inanimates or non-human. E.g. The cat has a tail. Its tail is blue in colour. Lol.

    Hey I’ve got a hilarious and smart name for Mariabell and Keito’s ship!

    MARKEITO (get it? Market 😂😂)

    Or KeitoBell? This sounds cuter~
    MariaKei? KeiBell? KeiMaria. ToMaTo? BellTo?


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