Otome Game Rokkushuume 64

Chapter 64: Occasional Unusual Life

It looks like a log house, so the feeling of camping is more than I expected. But just as I thought the scale is too abnormal. Aside from the building even the area around it, it’s like a golf course.

After exiting the airship and hearing a brief explanation from the teachers, a time for unpacking was set up. It seems that the luggage sent earlier with transfer magic has already being carried to each individual room, so as usual life is easy. I don’t want to get used to it as being overly-spoiled can trigger corruption.

「……This is a hotel?」

These were my first words upon entering my room. It’s good I was alone, the words which I meant to say in my mind had instead slipped out.
But is this really a hotel?

My parents’ house and the dormitories are one thing, but this is supposedly a training camp? It should be different from the house or the dormitories where I usually live at. Aren’t they spending too much for a place which is only being used once a year?

It’s only been several years but I felt like I thought that several hundred times already……as expected my own on spending are quite different than other people. Back then Mariabell’s spending habits in school was also quite a problem.

「Oh, it feels nice……」

Seeing my luggage I sat on the bed and felt a good sensation, the feeling was not too soft and not too hard. The pillow also seems very expensive, luxurious items sometimes give off more of an appearance than actual usability. The mattress is very nice too, so there are no complaints.

After briefly looking around the interior, unpacking time was over. I didn’t have any unpacking to do since I had removed anything that I thought I might use from my luggage prior to it being transferred to my room with transfer magic.

So I left my room with a simple map and few possessions towards the theater room to spend my leisure hours.

× × × ×

The play was “Red Riding Hood”. Although it isn’t the fairy tale version. Little Red Riding Hood was used as a motif but the contents were almost entirely original, it was a bittersweet love story between Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf.

It appears Catalia-sama is the wolf. I was rather surprised as I expected Catalia-sama to play a more prince-like character.
But apparently it seems she actually does play prince-like roles more often, and plays like “Little Red Riding Hood” are among one of the fewer ones where she doesn’t play a prince-like character.

Should I feel lucky for seeing such a rare play or lament for seeing this play for my first one?

While thinking about such a thing, the interior becomes dark.
The tea and confectioneries prepared when the light was still on were quite lovely, and the images reflected on the screen moved like in a film but the angle was kept at the same place and never changed.
It felt like I was watching a home video taken during a children’s play meet, but that feeling only lasted for a fleeting second.

『So what is your name?』

『……Who knows, take a guess』

The girl wearing a red hood was blind. She lives in a house inside the forest, and one day she detected the smell of blood and went outside.
There was an injured wolf who had escaped from a hunter, and the girl wearing a red hood had treated him.

Although I was here for Catalia-sama, the girl playing Little Red Riding Hood really did seem like she was blind. Her blonde hair peeping through the red hood shined beautifully under the light, and her acting only vaguely seemed like an act.

Catalia-sama’s usual gentle impression was non-existent and she was cool enough to the point one would forget she was actually a female. Her whole body was covered in black and she wearing ears and a tail. Her build was tall and slender to begin with so it really suited her.

A cold attitude and stare. And the process of it softening. Secrets that passed and hurt each other.
Grand yet not overly-played, romantic yet not fake.
It could’ve been due to the good acting or good script, or perhaps both.

Before I realized, I was captivated by the world on the screen.


  1. Oh, well, this time what captivates me is the love story between the girl and the wolf. Being blind makes the girl seem more realistic and interesting. BTW, I wonder why she was expecting a proper camp. Hahaha, the use of that word is misleading. Right?

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