Otome Game Rokkushuume 65

Chapter 65: Please Learn

「It was truly amazing, I wish I could’ve seen it live」

After leisure hours, I was currently talking about my feelings while preparing for the food procurement game.
Of course, the contents were about the play I saw this morning.
In the end, the wolf took Little Red Riding Hood’s hand and they lived happily ever after. But before that, there were many developments that kept me on edge, and even though it was a happy ending nothing was lost in terms of content. That was also what I liked about it.
By all means, I really want to see a live play and not just a recording!

「Our theater club is top-tier after all」

「Just Catalia-sama alone is really popular」

……Of course, I can understand that. Everybody watching with me were also impressed, some even burst into tears.
She’s gentlemanly to begin with and quite popular as the Prince of the Theater Club. She finds me cute for some reason, and although I’ve become use to it whenever I talk to Catalia-sama her gaze always becomes quite muddled.

「Catalia-sama was wonderful……but the actress for Little Red Riding Hood was also amazing. It really seemed as if she couldn’t see, and the scenes near the edge of the stage were really suspenseful」

The feeling of her unfocused eyes, her wandering gaze when looking about, the scenes of the wolf worrying whenever Little Red Riding Hood walked around were quite adorable.
I’ve heard a lot about Catalia-sama but……I wonder who that person is. Since she had the leading role is she perhaps a third-year? But Catalia-sama seems more focused on skill than seniority.

「What did she look like?」

「She had blonde hair and green eyes. She also looked really mature and pretty」

I assumed she was a third year since her face looked mature but…… judging age based on appearance is unreliable since I’m a prime example. The villainess look messes with my appearance, it makes me look a lot more older than I actually am. Mariabell didn’t really look like a high school student either.

「Blonde hair and green eyes……those aren’t really uncommon traits so I can’t be sure, but the lead actress is likely Christine-sama」

「 Christine……-sama?」

「She’s also in the theater club and a really beautiful person, there’s also upperclassmen in my club who are her fans」

Eru’s club, so the track team. That person is certainly beautiful, she is also good at acting, so it’s not really strange even if she did have fans. When you look at the club dedicated to Catalia-sama the pattern seems quite natural.

「But since Maria-chan spoke so highly of it, I also want to see the play now」

「True, it’s quite rare」

「Is that right?」

「Maria-chan is rather indifferent, you’re hard to cool down but also difficult to excite as a result」

「Ah-……yes, I can’t deny that」

I’ve been through quite a lot since I’ve experienced five rounds of high school, and died several times, also Mariabell’s specs are high to begin with. I can’t really deny that I’m indifferent in many areas.
Rather, since the death flag is constantly flickering throughout my mind, I can’t really afford to be too straightforward. That aside I’m not planning on letting up either.

「That’s why I’m a bit interested now, it must’ve been quite the play to excite Maria-chan」

「Maria is going tomorrow too right?」

「Yes, I’m planning to……」

「In that case, let’s say we’re going together with you tomorrow then, it’ll be difficult to go watch otherwise」

「Sounds nice! Let’s go tell the teacher later!」

Those two are planning ahead without me, I feel a bit left behind. I’m also the person concerned here.
But I don’t mind seeing the play together with these two, rather I would love to. It’s fun watching alone, but it’s also fun to watch together with friends and discuss impressions. However what we do for leisure hours is scheduled beforehand to ensure proper preparations, so suddenly changing it for a reason like “I would like to switch because I want to go with a friend!” is rather abrupt. They are girls. But suddenly changing might trouble the teachers, it’s also a waste of resources…..but it’s too late now. It’s a bad way of spending budget but it’s not really an issue for the wealthy.

So…..there shouldn’t be any problems. It’s different if they changed without asking but since they’re properly asking it should be alright.
Somehow, I’ve also become quite spoiled……for now it’s not too bad but I’m afraid it might become worse if I’m not careful enough.

「Ah, Maria-chan! Isn’t this one of the point areas?」

「It looks new, so it probably is」

Looking over, the two are currently rejoicing in finding one of the point areas for fresh ingredients and waving towards me. Those two really are energetic.
They’re usually quiet inside the classroom and well-mannered in public, compared to the high school Mariabell the two are much more mature if you ask me.

But as expected when it comes to events like these, one can definitely tell the two are still in middle school……..although I’m also considered a middle school student too.
But of course I can’t really just go with the flow of my age due to a certain silver hair person and certain light blue hair person. It would be scary to act too unguarded after all. Aside from that it’s just simply safer to act more carefully.
The death flag may have lowered a bit, but it’s still far too careless.

「What kind of ingredients are here?」

「Etto……it says an assortment of fruits from Leithia」

「It’s not worth much points, but it should be fine for dinner」

We glanced at the picture and words written on the paper and all three of us burst into laughter as we headed towards the next area.
Laughing together with friends, achieving another point, and laughter once again. A sensation that I never experienced before, something that I would’ve never felt with Mariabell. Different from Keito, different from Greas-sensei, a unique position exclusive only to my female friends.

It was fun, joyful, the lighthearted footsteps allowed me to be more true to myself and at the same time lose an important sense.
Usually I would never forget it. I would absolutely never forget it if Tuvalu were a classmate.
The sole person near me that I should be aware of is Sashia, but it should’ve been fine if it were just him. In fact, it wasn’t even his fault.

If I were to be strictly speaking, that’s right……it would be my fault for letting my guard down.


    • i think she’s reminiscing about the time when she got caught by yandere tuvalu’s schemes, how she let guard down that time and how she is losing that (danger)sense again when she’s with her 2 girl friends.

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