Otome Game Rokkushuume 66

Chapter 66: A Falling Feeling

The next day, it was a peaceful and pleasant time as usual.
Primera, Eru, and I had fun playing around together, we managed to obtain better dinner ingredients than yesterday and enjoyed a full course ranging from appetizers to desserts.

The training camp is for three days and two nights, so after dinner is over the training camp portion is also essentially over. According to the guidebook’s schedule the excursion doesn’t officially end until we head back, it could be considered an excursion due to the fun and relaxing nature alongside everyone living together in the same building. Although to begin with this is a training camp not an excursion.
But let’s stay up late tonight since it’s ending anyways, a girl’s night!

That was what Eru said. Primera also agreed immediately so it’s possible that the two planned this beforehand. Both of them were smiling brightly as they brought sweets into my room.

Although I was also smiling in the same manner. Having a girl’s night in pajamas seems fun, plus back at the academy this sort of opportunity was limited since we all live in different dormitories. Since this is such a rare opportunity it would be a waste not to fully enjoy it.

「As expected, it’s really cute」

「I agree, a soft color suits Primera best」

Primera was wearing the cute pajama one piece she bought when the three of us went out shopping. I already knew it would suit her when she bought it, but the sight of her actually wearing it is far more cute than I imagined.

「I don’t usually wear those types, since the bottom would slide up when I’m sleeping」

「……I can understand that」

By the way, Eru was wearing a tank top and shorts along with a long cardigan.
She gave off a rather lively impression, plus her sleepwear looked easy to move in and quite comfortable. I also felt her sleepwear would be most ideal……but the pajamas prepared by mother were similar to the one’s Primera had on, although I was already use to them by now.

「Ah, so that’s why Maria isn’t wearing a one piece」

「I prefer comfortability when I sleep hence why」

I was wearing a simple but cute pajama consisting of ribbons on the front and sleeves, it looks like a one piece at first glance but I am also wearing short pants along with it. The girlish design from my mother is still there but the short pants is essential for avoiding an unsightly sight when getting up……my sleeping habits aren’t bad to that extent, but I am a lady after all. I’d like to refrain from exposing my underwear when I’m sleeping.

「I think it’s cute! It’s quite different from Maria-chan’s usual mature appearance」

「Thank you」

Essentially, she means I have an adult-like appearance. But she worded it another way.

「While we’re at it, how about changing your hairstyle too?」

「Well, I suppose I don’t mind」

I undid my hair which I had tied loosely to the side as Primera happily went around behind me with a brush and scrunchie. It was a scrunchie I’ve never seen before, so she likely made it during the training camp.
The gentle touch from her fingers felt rather nice. Apparently there are many girls who hate having their hair touched, but I quite like it.

「Maria-chan’s hair is really soft and beautiful, it’s all fluffy」

「It’s difficult to manage since it gets tangled easily」

My curly hair doesn’t even straighten no matter how hard I try to straighten it. It gets tangled easily since it’s so thin and untamed, above all it’s incredibly weak against humid weather. It’s sensitive to the point where I could predict weather forecasts using my own hair, and the morning struggles with it is completely infuriating.
I thought about using a hair iron to straighten it like Ann use to do for me but in the end it’s just easier to tie it half up.

「So it’s natural then, I thought you curled it yourself every morning」

「It’s to the point where I envy you two who have straight hair」

Both Primera and Eru have wonderfully tame hair. Eru’s hair is slightly messy, but that’s what also makes it cute. Since Primera usually braids her hair, it’s hard to tell but her hair is actually naturally straight, it’s truly enviable. Incidentally I also thought this when I met Keito for the first time.


As Eru and I were eating sweets while talking my hair was finished. Primera’s voice sounded rather delighted and I could feel the cool air upon my neck.

「I tried tying it into a bun, Maria-chan has long hair so I didn’t want to tie it too high up since it might be too heavy」

Ah, so that’s why I felt the feeling of cloth behind my ears.
I traced the finely braided hair which was tied to the side by the scrunchie, it seems she made a bun on the side.

「Since it’s done loosely you can easily untie it when you go to bed」

「It’s lovely, thank you」

I thought of looking in the mirror to properly see it and as we both rose a gentle knock sounded on the door.
It was late but other than that it was an average night, since there wasn’t a designated bedtime there weren’t any teachers patrolling either. It’s a bit sad, but the only two who I can call friends are here with me.
So I have no idea who else would come visiting…….


I wondered if it was perhaps a friend of Primera or Eru but they also had a look of confusion. Of course I couldn’t just ignore whoever it was and there wasn’t really anyone at the training camp that I would do that to, so although I was confused I opened the door without any particular thought.

Shortly afterwards, I would come to regret this, I really wished I would’ve ignored the knock or pretended to be sleeping.
Truly, it seems my crisis avoiding ability has really gone downhill to not detect this danger.

「Mariabell-sama, gokigen’yo, may I speak to you for a moment……?」

But even so, I just never expected such a cute looking girl who was glancing down apologetically to harbor such dangers.


    • Considering the recent flags, I can only think of it being the actress who played Red Riding Hood (sic) or a new character that’s somehow related to a capture target. But who knows anymore, with Mariabell’s vague definition of dangers?

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