Skill Up with Login Bonus 04

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Chapter 04: Appraisal of the Sage

It happened during the night.

「Kouta-sama, excuse me」

The head maid knocked on the door.
That Sage she talked about probably came.

They call him a sage so I can only imagine an old man with a white beard with an aura of wisdom, but what kind of person will come.

While thinking so and waiting.

「Umu…you call an old women like me at a time like this, really a cruel act….」

A black haired little loli entered.
While looking sleepy and rubbing her eyes, she looks just like a kid.


I unconsciously looked suspiciously at the head maid; she nodded as if she understood me.

「Aa, that’s right, Kouta-sama’s memory is still hazy! …..This person here is a Media Rose-sama, she is one of the few sages of this country」

「Don’t call me things like Sage. I’ve only lived for 100 years or so, and am a magician who is on the verge of retirement. Fuwa…..」

The little loli yawned and looked at me.


Next moment, her gaze changed.

「Hm…have I ever met a boy like this?」

「Have you forgotten about it? Just a few years ago, you judged that he had no talent for magic, and this caused a great shock to Kouta-sama. Since then he started being a hikikomori….」

Head maid started crying. Ah I see.
This was the reason he was a hikikomori.

「Iyaa, sorry, sorry. So this Kouta-kun is the one I should look at. Then, I want to concentrate and ask him things, so can you leave us two alone?」
「E-Eh, I do not mind, how about Kouta-sama?」

「I also do not mind」

After I nodded the head maid left the room.
After she left, Media then opened her mouth.

「Fumufumu, your soul’s brightness is obviously different from when I saw it before a few years ago. Or should I say, you are actually a different person」

This sage can see the soul.
She found out I was a different person in an instant, amazing.

「Maa, if I couldn’t even do things like this then I wouldn’t be called a sage. —–So, this should be our first meeting, so nice to meet you? I’m called Media. And you?」

「I’m Kouta. For some reason, I took over this body」

「Ou, I see, maa, in a world of magic it is not that unusual for the soul to change and become a different person suddenly. No need to mind」

This sage is way too nonchalant.
She is even smiling brightly.

And actually is it fine for a soul to change around that much?

「Hahaa, when you live long like me than you will know. Maa, that doesn’t matter. What we should talk about right now is about your magic」

Right, you were saying something about brightness.

「Umu, your soul is considerably strong, generally if a soul is weak, it will fail to form a contract with a grimoire and gets destroyed, but for you, it seems there will be no need to worry」

That part I do not understand well.
I already had the grimoire when I woke up.

「Fumu, you must’ve have contracted with a unique grimoire. I want to have a look at it but….」

And she looked at the Soulas in my hand.

「Hm? Should I let you see it?」

「No, only the person who formed the contract can read that grimoire. I can only listen to what you say」

Oo, there was such a function. Then there is no point in me giving it to her.

「Umu, so how much magic can you use right now?」

「Four, fire, ice, wind, all elementary, plus one more I don’t know of」

When I said that Media’s opened her eyes wide.

「Hou Hou Hou! Four attributes! That is amazing. If you can use four of them, then that’s astonishing!」

「Is that so?」

「Umu, grimoires have their own attributes, if a grimoire is fire attributed then it can only use fire type magic, for water attributed grimoires than water type magic, it has a limit on what you can learn」

I see. Now that I think about it, Soulas also said something about attributes.

That means the ability to learn various types of magic with the Login Bonus may be a good thing.

「Amazing! You might be the greatest genius I’ve checked on! Right….I don’t know the specific details of the power, so tomorrow I want you to show me your magic, is that fine?」

「It’s fine to use it but won’t it be dangerous to do it around here?」

Beginner Magic was already that powerful.
I can’t just use it in the garden.

「Umu. that’s why tomorrow we can do it in a place where you can shoot as much as you want, and I will be making the place」

Saying just that, the Sage left.

….Place where I can shoot magic as many times as I want….

I’m starting to get a little excited.
Tomorrow might be a bit more tiring.

Thinking so, I went to sleep.

『Fifth day login bonus! Maximum Flare, five shots acquired!』

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