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Chapter 11: Guild work of a Magician

「Come, we have arrived」

I came to the magician’s guild with Media.

It’s located in front of the adventurer’s guild in the center of the town, a building like that of an auditorium.

I saw a reception lady at the reception desk and a few people wearing magician’s clothing.

I was thinking why the place was really quiet but now that I think about it, it must be a normal in this backwater place.

「Not really, it’s simply because there are few people who have magician down as their primary occupation」

「…Unn? Why is it like that?」

「Powerful magic has limited amount of uses, of course there are types that can be used infinitely, but compared to training the body, it is far easier for people to remember persistent skills to establish a future plan」

Aa, I see.

So some people aren’t able to cope with the limited usage after mastering it through hard work and dedication.

「Regarding that, I’m really envious of you, the abilities you have are far too amazing. I thought my heart would stop after I heard that you were able to master a spell in a single day」

「Oh, well unn. Thanks for the complement」

But with my luck, I usually get not so good magic. Even so it must be an extraordinary ability to magicians.

「Even though you are fine, but normally magicians are judged as people who worked hard to master a limited technique. ―so basically there are many magician’s with eccentric personalities or weird tastes, so be careful alright?」

Wait, doesn’t that mean we are also viewed as eccentric people or people with weird taste?

So Media herself is in the same category as these people.

「For me, well, I’m called the【Sage of protection】now, but before I was labeled as a barrier maniac…….I just love that transparent and a powerful wall that doesn’t let anything through. Because I love it so much, every day I would just cast it on the castle in the capital city but……」

Media looked at the empty air feeling down.

Aa, unn, this one is definitely a weirdo. An easy to understand example.

While we were talking about things like that the guild master came.

He seems to have headed into guild before us.

「Ya, ya, sorry for the wait, I’ve finished registering you」

It seems like he registered me.

Saying so he gave me a guild card.

It is a very thin card.

「If you stick that to your grimoire, it will record the monster you killed. It is an essential item for evidence when you take out a request」

「Oo, thank you very much guild master」

「Hahaha, you don’t have to be so formal. We are fellow magicians so welcome to the magician’s guild Kouta-kun. I welcome you to the guild as its representative」

While the guild master laughed he handed me several papers containing the available quests.

「This is?」

「A list of beginner level quests, choose any that you like」

Seeing the contents, most of them were subjugation of monsters located in an area slightly farther away.

「As expected there aren’t any quests on subjugation of minotaurs in the beginner level」

I felt sort of relieved.

「Aa, I’ve heard of the story. That you possess the power to mince minotaurs easily. I recruited you because I know you are an abnormally talented magician. — but because minotaurs are dangerous, subjugation of them are left to the adventurers guild so quest like that don’t come to the magician’s guild」

「Eh? Is that so?」

「Aa. Most of the quests in the magician’s guild are subjugation of monsters who are weak against magic or a monster transformed by magic. So if you can use a bit of magic, the quest can be done easily」

I see, oh well, it’s true that it would be better for a magician to defeat the monsters that are weak against magic.

「See, I told you that magic can earn good money」

Media said so with a smug look.

I guess that’s true. This place might be the best place for me to earn money since I can use magic.

Thinking so I was looking at the quest document.

「Let’s do this one Kouta-san. This pays the highest!」

Soulas interrupted my thoughts by talking to me.

Somehow she seemed to be full of confidence.

「To be suddenly so excited, what’s wrong?」

Her tension is so high that it feels like her silence before was a lie.

「This is our very first job as a team! A perfect chance for us to show our amazing power, we cannot miss out on this!」

Eh, hmm? Was she always like this kind of grimoire?

I thought she was a bit more adult like.

And there is nothing to show with a beginner quest.

…However, the reward is not that bad.

The quest she chose was a subjugation of slimes which propagated into great numbers and collecting water-soluble from them.

Fumu, I know that the slimes are weak against magic since I defeated one before.

「Un, I’m still thinking but…」

「Isn’t this fine, since it’s a beginner rank with a good reward」

Soulas somehow looks really motivated.

…Oh well, I shouldn’t pour cold water over her excitement.

In the end we decided on the slime subjugation she chose.

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