Skill Up with Login Bonus 20

Translator: LP
Editor: Oracle

Chapter 20: First outing

In a wasteland far from the kingdom, there were countless people.

It was a battlefield.
Soldiers are bleeding and collapsing, those who are standing are also drenched.

What they were confronting is a giant totaling five meters tall.
The giant wielded a large sword and swung down relentlessly upon the soldiers.

In the midst of all that, there was a girl in a dress.
She stood in front of the giant with a sword and shield in hand.

「Everyone please step back. Form hereon I will protect you all!」

The soldiers cried out in response to the girl’s declaration.

「Princess, please withdraw! The hands of the demon will strike upon us soon」

「No, from here I have to endure it!」

The giant swung down――the sword of the demon was deflected by the shield of the princess.


While wounded from the impact the sword flashes forward, and the demon’s sword is repelled away.

「Now, quickly! Get the injured to the healer」


Behind the princess, the soldiers carry their comrades and start running.
Seeing that, the princess smiles.

「Well, with the remaining soldiers alone, we cannot defeat this demon, but I have to do as much as I can……」

The princess with her shield began to move towards the demon, but at that moment.


A light appeared behind the giant distorting the space around it.
From there, a man emerged from the light.

「……this looks like a dangerous place」

I understood in a moment.
Cliffs and wastelands in the surroundings.
A giant of absurd height in the front.

Beyond that a girl in a tattered dress looked over here from the other side.
This situation is most definitely bad. It is not normal.

「That light is..impossible, Royal Teleport?!」

Uwah, and the girl in the dress also knows the magic’s name.
It is definitely someone related to the royal family.

Since it is a royal teleport, I thought I would be summoned to the royal castle or something, though now that I think about it, that would actually be a lot worse.

「What should I do about this……」

When I ponder so, Soulas spoke while still in her grimoire form.

『Ah, but this magic, it seems like there is time limit? Look there is something written, [Temporary transition ・one minute remaining until return]

When I opened the grimoire, certainly it was written there.

I see, if I can withstand it for a minute, I wonder if I will be able to  leave this bloody and murky space, and return to that relaxing local town.

Then in that case, I would like to just wait for one minute, but…

「Who are you? Where did you appear from!」

The giant was looking over here and cried out.
Of course, that shining and gleaming light, it must be pretty eye-catching.
And that must have drawn their attention to me.

「……No answer? Right now, I, Demon Belial and the princess are currently enjoying a fun battle time, and suddenly, you appeared, what did you come here for, human」

He even did a self-introduction, somehow I understood the situation.
Still doesn’t change my conclusion that I came to a bad place.

If possible, I would like for you to pretend that I am just passing through, I wonder if it possible to endure for a minute, but just as I thought that.

「Mu! ……the smell of the Demon King」

I have no idea what he is mumbling about, but then he started taking heavy steps towards me.

『Wawawa! He’s coming over here Kouta-san!』

「I can tell from just looking」

However this is not good. At this rate I feel like I will be dead before a minute is even up.
In a place with so many people it is difficult to unleash something like Highest tier magic.



First strike initiative. I fired ice bullets.

A single blow of the ice can easily penetrate a troll’s skin, and the ice bullets hit the chest armor of the giant.

「Guo, a cowardly attack without even a self-introduction! Moreover, such destructive power from a mere attribute magic……!」

I was hoping just a few shots through his armor and it would be over.
But it seems it might have just made him slightly angry instead.

「……Uwah, this is really bad」

To not go down with a single blow from the beginner magic, it’s very strong.
If it is like this, the other beginner magic will not work either. I do not know if Highest tier magic will work though.



「Ah! 」

I decided to turn around and escape at full speed.


「Mu, impudent. Like I will let you escape! No matter how fast you run, I will catch you!」

The situation worsened further.
He starts taking great strides and chasing at a tremendous speed.

「Dang it, what’s with you, if you were just enjoying a good fight, then leave me alone!」

「I will continue with that after catching you!」

It is useless, this demon. It is unlikely that it will listen. So I was planning to run around but..

「Damn……this is near a cliff」

「Wahaha, this game of tag is over」

It seems I am in quite a pinch.

「H-How many seconds left Soulas!?」

『E-Etto, just 10 seconds!」

This is bad. We won’t make it in time. It is a state where we are already cornered.
At this rate, we will be caught in about seven seconds.

And die.
Dang it, in that case――

「――If this is how it’s going to be, I’ll just do it!!」


「《Maximum Flare》!!」

Suicide bombing.
I release Highest tier magic.

However, it is not against the giant.
But instead at the ground surrounding the feet of the giant, who was running near the edge of the cliff.

「――――!! 」

The Highest tier magic explodes instantly and breaks the ground.


The giant’s foot goes through the broken earth and his figure is seen plummeting down to the bottom of the cliff.

「That’s right drop from there!」

I was also affected from the impact of the magic.
But the explosion was on the opposite side. Only the giant will fall, I will just be blown back.

『Ah, a minute is up!』

After being blown back, Soulas said so.

「That was a long minute……」

My body is getting lighter.
The teleportation is starting.

「But, how was any of this supposed to be royal, this magic……!!」

When I think about it I was just summoned to a dangerous place forcefully then forcefully returned, it is extremely annoying.
Thinking that way, while having a bitter look.

「W-Wait a moment! Who are you? At the very least even your name……!!」

The girl wearing a dress runs towards me.
She is a cute girl. And she was refer to as princess, so she has a very high social status.

I wanted to talk to her just a little but――


Before I could say anything, my body was teleported.

In the battlefield where the boy had repulsed the demon then disappeared, the princess mutters alone.

「That black-haired boy is……?」

「Princess――! Are you alright――!!」

And behind her, an old soldier ran towards her.

「What just happened a moment ago, did you see it?」

「Eh? Ah, yes, the princess’s success surely will――」

「――That’s not it, the black-haired magician!」

When the princess said so, the old soldier nodded.

「Suddenly, a boy who appeared from the light. Is it an acquaintance of the princess?」

「No, I have not gotten acquainted with him yet……but it is necessary to find him. He is the benefactor of my life, and the hero of this time, and……because he might be an important person for me」

To that word the old soldier held his breath.

「Princess, could it be……」

「Yes, I absolutely have to find out, therefore please help me」

「Of course!」

After listening to the reply of the old soldier, the princess nodded.

「Then let’s withdraw」


The princess then returns to the kingdom with the soldiers.

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