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Translator: Kitakami
Editor: Oracle

Peace after the Quest

When I woke up in the morning I realized that there was an unfamiliar reward in the grimoire.

What is this 《Curse》and when I asked Soulas.

「Because I sealed the demon, it seems that you can receive a spell according to the sealed demon’s characteristics as a reward. It seems that this time’s spell was 《Curse》」

She said it like it was someone else’s problem.
Because both the name and the origin are scary, I think I will try it out after thoroughly preparing.

So just like that I went to the magician’s guild as usual.
I wanted to work hard with my massage business just like yesterday but there was one problem. That is…

「「Oh, Explosion King good morning! Yesterday was really amazing! It was the first time I saw that kind of magic!」」

I was surrounded by a bunch of stuffy men and received strange hospitality.

「Oi, to being with, was that suppose to be a praise…………」

「Y-You were praised so please cheer up Kouta-san」

Soulas who is eating next to me tried to cheer me up but I think my reputation is ruined.

Even today I was referred to as【Explosion King Kouta】or the likes and was called by such troubling nicknames.
Well, it was not a mistake that I became famous as I also seem to be known for my massage work.

『This is the place where you can experience the stimulating massage of the Explosion King!』

And that’s how many curious customers came by.
Rather I am still in the middle of my massage work.

「Iyaa, there was some rumors saying that if there was a line and you were too busy one might end up being blown up, I am sure glad you are free」

Well, the reason there is no line is because those kind of rumors are out there.
Though the regular adventurers and magicians still come by as usual.

「Etto, so the center of your back is good?《Shock》」

「Oou! As expected of the Explosion King’s massage! It packs quite a punch!」

「Why thank you……」

I wonder why. It doesn’t feel like I am being praised at all.

「Why did I end up with such a nickname……」

「Iya, at that time Kouta-san was indeed very like a demon so I guess it can’t really be helped? Somehow, I mean when you went berserk」

「If that’s what you say」

Well, it can’t be helped if that name is already attached. Let’s just think of it as a positive for making me famous.

「But what shall I do? I can make money through massaging but…..」

「Kouta! I want to know more about your power! Let’s do some more work!」

「This is this but she has been strangely motivated」

Flame has been burning since the morning. Even though the guild staff tried extinguishing the fire with water she is still burning so it’s quite unruly.

「For the time being, I am still in the middle of work so suppress your fire, it’s really hot」

「If you say so I will do it! Because I admire you after all」

「Thank you for the admiration, but I don’t really want to fight monsters for now」

My body still hasn’t fully recovered yet, so I don’t want to fight with just three people.
What should I do? Just when I though that.

「Will you bring me along with you, Kouta-kun?」

「Hm? Media?」

Before I realized at some point Media was standing next me and she called out.

「What brings you here? I thought you didn’t like becoming one of my companions?

「The only thing I dislike is that my house is completely destroyed, I never said I disliked being one of your companions. Besides, I need money to repair my house」

Ah, how do I say this, I feel quite sorry for you.

「My peaceful life, demon I will never forgive you! I am a sage but I had nothing to do with the sealing of the Demon King……!

「That’s right, you were targeted because he thought you had something to do with the sealing if the demon king」

「Yes, it was something six other sages aside from me did. What a terrible accusation!」

Somehow, there is a slightly guilty feeling.
Aside from that, there is a possibility that the evil spirit of my house is attracting those demons.

「……So, etto, will you let me become one of your companions?」

「Well, that’s right」

In truth, Media joining is actually a lifesaver.
Rather than hiring other adventurers it’s easier to work with someone I am familiar with.

「In that case, I look forward to working with you」

「Umu, likewise Kouta-kun」

In this way, my party was strengthened a little.

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