I Chose to Fake My Death 01

Translator: 8u!
Editor: Oracle

Chapter 1: You Must Be Messing With Me

“What…what happened…”

I fell on the floor, my limbs were weak. My body was covered with slippery liquid, therefore I was not able to use my arms to hold myself up.

“Ah, you finally woke up!” There was girl’s voice

At this moment in time I did not care about why there was a girl next to me. The only thing I cared about was where I was and why I am in this state.

“Okay, open your eyes, it’s all right.” The source of the voice sounded much more closer than before.

Forcing myself to try and support my weight in the darkness. I tried to open my eyes as the strange sensation of the sticky liquid was covering my body.

“Don’t say that as if it’s something easy… bastard……”
(Tn: 魂淡 kinda means spirit/soul and sounds like 混蛋 which means bastard. This is because most chinese websites don’t allow swearing)

Nonetheless, I stood up and opened my eyes with great effort but my vision was still blurry and I could only see a dark shadow in front of me. Even though I cursed at her, she showed no signs of being affected by what I had said. Instead, the sound of a soft snickering reached my ears. What a strange person!

“Oi ~ I have some good news for you. You have now become a girl, completely from top to bottom ~”

The soft voice once again reached my ears, my hearing seems to have improved from before, but my field of vision was still blurry.

I wasn’t surprised or astonished at all after hearing the news that I became a girl. Why? Because this may be a lie and I can’t reveal my true feelings just from those words. And the even less possibility of someone abducting me for a transgender operation!

“Okay, I know.”

Replying with a vague response. I was able to gradually see some of the things around me.

It’s currently night time after looking out the window, because the street lamp was under repair there was no trace of light. And the damned place I’m in right now is my room, a small room that does not exceed 20 meters squared. There was something round and pink beside me, even though I couldn’t see it clearly, it made me feel very uncomfortable.

“Don’t be curious, that’s your placenta”

After hearing her obscene “Hehehe” laugh, because of the familiar environment I was in I gradually lost my sense of security.

“You can see what I am thinking of right now? Who are you? Why are you in my room!”

As my blurry vision became more clear and focused, the person in front of me was definitely a cute girl wearing a pink dress, looking at me with a strange expression in her eyes, laughing without speaking a word. She smirked at me and handed me a mirror, motioning me to take a look at myself.

I became a girl?

I…became a girl?!


She didn’t seem to be aware of my abnormal reaction and moved a bit closer, which allowed me to clearly see her pretty face.

Quite cute. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the ability to distinguish the degree of beauty she possessed.

I was not interested at all towards the person who turned me into a girl, but it was very much appreciated. She helped me escape that useless shell of mine, so that I can also have the right to be loved…


It’s still that dark and messy room of mine. The books on the table are stacked together in layers. The clothes were thrown on the floor. Banana peels, fruit cores, empty jars, bags, used toilet paper were also casually tossed on the floor. The only clean place in this room was a single bed located in the center of the room, where she laid hugging my extra long body pillow, watching me with a grin on her face.

“Are you satisfied with this new body? I used myself as a template, and it was also a one-to-one ratio! Endless youth along with endless life, apart from your preferences to make the chest a little bit smaller, body figure smaller, hair longer, and your body being a bit weaker than mine, we are almost exactly the same!”
(Tn: 皮囊 can be translated as skin sac literally and interpreted to be ‘shell’ so I changed it to body to make it sound more understandable)

She continued to talk joyfully, but I stood quietly listening at the side, making myself look like a typical passerby that doesn’t respond to anything.

The fact that someone was willingly talking to me like this made me very happy, but it had been too long since I last had any form of interaction with people and I had forgot how to respond to her…it’s very vexing.

She lifted her body, and began untying the red ribbon on her head. As she untied the ribbon she continued with the topic of my gender change.

I have no choice but to say that she is very beautiful, but the most attractive part is the pair of vibrant red eyes. With a shawl that changed between red and yellow, it reached down to her waist, her orange-yellow hair formed a sharp contrast with her skin which was the color of snow.

No, when did she take her clothes off??!

Panicking a little, I intended to turn away and leave this weird place, instead I was unwillingly hugged from behind, a delicate sensation could be felt through the thin layer of the fluid clearly, that soft feeling transmitted from behind was clearly engraved in my mind.

“Don’t think about running way~ let us bathe together~”

Is this really alright….

Sa~, who knows….
(卅 pronounced sa and can sound like a sigh but also translates to 30?)

The inside of the bathroom was thick with steam.

She hugged me as we sat down in the bathtub, the water temperature was just right, the water level reached just below my chin. Gently leaning on her, she wrapped  her arms around my waist, my hands began to gently caress my slightly bulging chest, it feels very soft and comfortable and it seems to be very sensitive…

She seemed to have noticed my actions, mischievously stretching her arms towards my thighs and began gently teasing me. After a while a soft moaning left my mouth, making me feel ashamed of myself…
(Tn: 会轻轻的哼声就从自己嘴中穿了出来 哼 is more like a sigh but moan is more suitable in this situation)

But is there really something wrong with this?

After the bath, I faced the mirror and inspected my new body.

A beautiful face without even the slightest expression, a pair of ice cold blue eyes, snow white skin, slender limbs, the slightly bulging breast on my chest, a soft delicate waist, a waterfall-like silver hair that flowed to my ankles. With an impression of vulnerability it was enough to make anything alive have their hearts sway.
(Tn: 柔若无骨的腰枝literally means boneless and soft waist ~ hard to translate cause can’t find a suitable phrase to replace so just decided to used delicate since there’s a chinese simile 滑嫩细腻)

The girl in the mirror was cute to the extreme, enough to move my heart…then I too can also have the chance to be embraced and loved right?
(Tn: 被人轻柔的搂住了对吧。softly and gently hugged but it doesn’t suit the MC’s background so I changed it a bit and I changed it to a question)

That’s great…

Tonight we reorganized the messy room, the body pillow became a pillow, the summer towel was used to cover our bodies, I shrink into her embrace and we fell asleep …

The next day morning.

“Dad, I became a girl.”

Wearing a white shirt that is 3 to 4 times bigger than my body, I revealed my new body in the living room, and told my father the truth.

Looking straight ahead towards my father, I began to realize how much my height had shrunk. Noticing my father’s strange expression, I slowly approached father, trying to reach him with this thin body of mine, by tipping my toes I placed my head onto my father’s abdomen. Soon a big warm hand began stroking my head, the other hand holding my waist easing the pressure on my toes.
(Tn: Arrest this man)

“Daddy’s hand…so comfortable…”

I still remember, the hands that beat me to the point of coughing blood were also this pair of hands…

Does this mean I am accepted for who I have become? Father’s thoughts are so hard to understand…

Mother didn’t seem to mind…naturally slow…

I have cleared the obstacle of telling my family…my father said after 2 days I can go to school normally…

I still reside in my room that is smaller than 20 square meters, and my room was still as messy as before without much change. And she lives in the bed in the “big mirror” opposite to mine, but most of the time we spend hugging each other…
(Tn: 比起当初它干净了不是一点半点need help with this)

She is one head taller than me,  I laid in her arms quietly and listened to her stories, listened to her telling me about all the new things happening around the world, listened to her telling me the secrets of my body…

“I guess you like your body very much right?”

“Yeah, I really like it.”

She was simply hugging me from behind, with her folded arms pressing against my chest, the other hand is wrapped around my waist, her chin rested next to my head, her breath entering my ears, blowing past my cheeks, it felt itchy, so I couldn’t help but to wrap her arms tighter around me.

“Yo~ You’re really like a small pet who needs people’s love ah! Is a boy’s dignity really this easily put aside?

“Dignity of a boy? What’s that?”

The reply given was definitely vague and ambiguous, it can make anyone want to ponder about it, but it was also unfathomable.
(Tn: 回答她的确是这样一句似答非答的答案,让人想要仔细推敲,却又让人琢磨不透。Can’t translate this properly but it can be simplified to be – “The Mc gave a lazy answer which was impossible to retort even though it was questionable”… I think?)

“I never seemed to have that at all before. I have always lacked a sense of security ever since I was a kid…ahh…”

To tell the truth, I did use to have these as a child. Because I am a boy therefore I must rely on myself; because I am a boy therefore I cannot show any signs of weakness; because I am a boy therefore I cannot cry.

What is this stupid reasoning? Why is it this way!
(Tn: it also can be translated to “What kind of bullshit is this?”)

Because of “that”, I cried for a long time that day and  almost committed suicide. On that day I finally began to look directly at my pure delicate feelings and my fragile soul.

I really am suited to be a girl after all! Even if I have to be the one riding on top…
(Tn: Not a translation error. And it’s not gay if it’s cute right?)

“You know…I gave your body many benefits yea?!”

She seemed to have noticed my change in mood, tried to convince me, but it doesn’t mean much to me, although it’s like adding icing on the cake, but I can still be well without it.

She looked at me who didn’t give any reaction to what she said, sighed, and then continued talking.

“Over half of your body is made of miracle medicine, just like how you hoped to be. Your tears can increase intelligence, your blood can heal, your love juices can strengthen the body, your saliva can be used as aphrodisiac…”
(Tn: Once you kiss there ain’t no stopping 😉 *wink)

My face feels like it’s burning…

What’s this kind of expectation?

If you want to keep a boy’s heart, you must pay a price in return, to have sex with another man really was perverted, but thinking again, the idea of being loved and embraced made my resisting heart loosen a little…
(Tn: #mind break)

Turns out I’m still resisting…how ridiculous! Obviously I have already made up my mind!

*giggling* “ …Blushing just from this? Your reaction, it really is the reaction of a virgin hah!”

Listening to her senseless mockery, my mood gradually restored back to being peaceful. With such a body, it’s only a matter of time until I am loved. Due to the physical age of my body I can’t become pregnant, my physical state wouldn’t change…therefore I can always be loved by people forever ah…

“And now is about your welfare: Ever heard of the ability to control the attributes? I’ll give you power over the eight main attributes. Do you know the abilities of the top five ability users in the city? I’ll give you those also. Combat magic? I’ll give you everything!”

First I felt shock, and then I felt a great surge of joy, which teenager wouldn’t want powers like this?

After experiencing a great sense of joy I begun to calm down. My original wish was to be taken care of, if I relied on this power would it not go against my original intention to be protected? But this gift is just too tempting ah!

She seemed to have read my thoughts and gave a faint smile. She loosened her hands that was hugging my arms and sat up. She looked into my sparkling eyes and smiled while gently shaking her head.

“Fool, I did all this for your own good, just live a happy life ok…?”

What she had said to herself softly reached my ears, she…knows me? Now that I think about it why did she do so much for me? She had painstakingly gone through all that trouble for me but for what reason ah…

The next morning she disappeared from this world, along with the magnificent and ancient mirror, as if it had never been there in the first place. The only thing that can prove that she exists is my lolita body.

Two days have passed, and I feel that my perception is getting sharper. Contrary to my physical condition becoming more fragile, as if even a gust of wind can knock me down.

Obviously, the transformation is still going on and is not over yet.

The abilities I gained was never part of my original interests, and I don’t feel disappointed at my loss of abilities. As for what she promised to give which was an “ability gift bundle” or something, I didn’t expect her to honor her words…

Since today is Monday and mother and father are going to work, should I laze around in bed or should I get up and play computer games? Of course, the answer is obvioussss~

I uncovered my towel blanket. Seeing my own bright and white body made my heart feel bursts of pleasure, my knee-length hair even after being “ravaged”  for a night was still well-kept. I jumped off the bed naked, letting it drape behind my back, and ran quickly into the study room, the sounds “thump, thump, thump” echoed with each step.

The study room was not much different in size compared to my room. Small ceramic tiles covered the floors of the small space, the surrounding walls were colored beige, in addition to a coffee table, there was also a three-person sofa, and on top of a desk is a desktop, the cables of the desktop and computer screen were all tangled together.

The computer couldn’t be used, or at least the computer screen couldn’t. In a past incident I had accidentally broke the computer screen so it was now unusable.  The tangled cables were also a proof of me disassembling the desktop many times.

Maybe I can connect the desktop to the television and play it?

I disconnected all the cords and gently pulled the desktop out, but when I tried to lift the desktop up my legs became wobbly and I was pushed back by the weight of the desktop.

I…I can’t lift it?


I think my back crashed into something, my vision became dark and I lost all feeling.

“I…where is this…ou–ou-ouch…”

When I woke up, a ripping pain spread from my chest throughout my body as I breathed making my entire body feel uncomfortable.

I was wearing a pair of white-blue pajamas(white-blue pajamas?) clean white bed sheets, a red cross, this is…an IV needle? How did I end up in the hospital?

My light inquiry seems to have been heard by someone, as I squinted my eyes I then realized I was surrounded…

“Little girl, don’t worry this is the hospital, I am a nurse, your father and mother have gone to withdraw some money and will be back soon, so be a good girl and wait here for your mommy and daddy to return.”

A kind looking nurse silently whispered this into my ear. My heart still felt somewhat uneasy but a faint smile was hidden within it.

This new body is really slender and fragile…

I felt the nurse’s light touch upon me and my unease lessened, when I carefully thought about it let’s just let her continue, it’s quite comfortable anyways.

But the surrounding stares made me feel uncomfortable, just when I thought about speaking up a sharp pain shoots through my chest and I faltered, and my words couldn’t come out.

“Don’t speak, you have a fracture!”

She seemed to a little anxious, as she gentle coaxed me and shooed away the surrounding patients family.

I stayed silent and just looked plainly at my surroundings, then stared absentmindedly at the ceiling. Just like before, I just stared blankly to pass the time…it’s quite ironic now that I think about it.

But what can I do about it?

I don’t want to stay in this empty room for a month after all.

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  1. Oh? I wonder who that girl was though…did I miss something? Kudos to the mc for getting his ideal body though haha~ Thanks for the chapter!


  2. I was pretty sure the goddess just said that she would be strong?
    [“And now is about your welfare: Ever heard of the ability to control the attributes? I’ll give you power over the eight main attributes. Do you know the abilities of the top five ability users in the city? I’ll give you those also. Combat magic? I’ll give you everything!”]
    And after that the MC thinks [if I relied on this power would it not go against my original intention to be protected?]
    I’m confused send help


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