Hime Gitsune no Servant Prologue

Translator: LP
Editor: Oracle


A rooster calls, signaling the peaceful start of a day.

Mizuhara Hikaru sleepily rubbed his eyes while walking down the hallway, at this moment the person he had signed a contract with yesterday, a silver-haired girl wearing a kimono sat elegantly awaiting him.

The girl had doll-like eyebrows and mysteriously red pupils, on her head, was a pair of cute long fox ears.

But invariably, she had a sharp tongue. It was unbelievable that someone with such a cute face could be ever so brutal.

「Hey Dog Food, I am hungry. Go buy me some fried tofu sushi today」

Rather than sharp tongue, it’s more accurate to say that she has a high and mighty prideful attitude, I sighed in exasperation.

「Seimei, for Japanese people a breakfast of miso soup, pickled vegetables, and salmon is more than enough」

「Dog Food, I have been your master since millenniums ago, aren’t you my shikigami?」

「It’s an honor to be able to serve master through so many lives……wait no! We just met yesterday!」

「Listen well, as my shikigami, you need to act as my shield and protect me, go to the market and buy me food, carefully clean my room, praise me, and follow me happily while enduring all your pains, these are all the things you must do」

「If master would graciously step on me with her foot I would then die with no regrets, except I am not that kind of person!」

「Aha, the darkness in your heart is quite heavy, all you had to do is admit your worship for me no need to go that far」

「If you continue to change my character like that then I will stick this cotton swab up your fox ears and have you experience my wrath!」

At this point, Seimei’s ears began twitching.

「Don’t you dare!Don’t touch my fox ears, if you stick things like cotton swabs into my ears, I will lose my spiritual  powers!」

「Eh, is that right?」

「Yes, if you do that I will just become a gentle, dreamy, and cute defenseless little girl!」

「Seimei……your not gentle, or dreamy, and there’s nothing cute about you so you will just end up becoming an annoying little girl. Sorry, I promise I won’t touch your fox ears」

「What I just said is obviously a lie, you’re really stupid」

「……You lying little fox!Never mind I am going to stick this cotton swab up your ears!」

「I told you to stop!」

A slender finger instantly hits Hikaru’s forehead,


「Worshiping their master is an obligation of a shikigami. If I were to tell you to go kill yourself at the shrine, then you will graciously go to the shrine and kill yourself. That is what a shikigami is」

「Even if that were me, a shikigami cannot die」

「Hehe~if a great exorcist like myself were to cast a curse on this tofu then it would become a deathly tofu. Care to try Dog Food-kun?」

「I have already seen your strength, but unfortunately we ran out of tofu already!」

「In that case hurry up and go buy me some sushi!」

Seimei puffed out her cheeks while saying this.

*Piku *Piku *Piku

Not only her fox ears but her tail also began thrashing about.

「Alright, I will go buy some right now, give me some money」

「I don’t have any, go get that kind of stuff yourself. I have always been taking care of you so go work your butt off」

「Pardon me, but I don’t really feel like doing anything today so I will start tomorrow」

「Dog Food-kun, I order you to become motivated right now. Finish today’s work today. Especially when it comes to doing good deeds, continually pushing things till tomorrow is most reprehensible」

「Okay, it’s quite rare for you to say stuff like that」

「Even if someone is as incapable as you there must still be plenty of ways to earn money. For example, robbery, theft, just become a thief or something」

「Those are crimes not good deeds!」

「You are only seeing things from one point of view, you have such a dark heart yet your brain is so simple」

「Understood, then I will go get some cat food from the local shrines」

「I am a child of a fox not a cat」

「The two are about the same anyways they are both beast types after all」

「I say, don’t categorize a noble fox like myself with those cat creatures. Those creatures who ended up being tricked by mice and couldn’t even enter the twelve zodiacs, all they can do is frolic in the sides」

「Foxes also didn’t enter the twelve zodiacs!They weren’t even selected as candidates!」

Hikaru gave a tired sigh.

Up till yesterday I was still living the so-called “peaceful” life and proceeding along smoothly.

How did I suddenly end up as the shikigami of a bad-tempered fox?

When I think back, the incident happened on my way back home from school.

Starting from the moment when my adventurous childhood friend, Asahina Murasaki who liked investigating strange places said「Do you want to go explore the abandoned shrine?」

Everything started happening from there——


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