Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Volume 3 Chapter 7


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Chapter 7: Death Devil

In the end, not even once did we practice normally – it was now September 8th.

In other words, it was now the day before the cultural festival.

It had only been a week since summer vacation ended, and yet it felt as if a lot longer had passed.

Although the large event known as the cultural festival was just around the corner, it had been overshadowed by the fact that I had been preoccupied by an event for every day of this week.

The event that had consumed my week – the Eccentric Drama Club’s final activity.

Even though we didn’t practice normally at the meetings, we still gathered as a club together daily.

And now, it was after the end of today’s activities – I was currently in the middle of walking home from school with Rikka.

“It was a fierce battle today as well. Arc-san and Siesta-san are strong!”

Rikka appeared cheerful as she spoke.

To be able to see a scene like this – it truly was a sight for sore eyes.

I was seeing the thing that made me the happiest: Rikka’s smiling face.

It made me really grateful that we were able to participate in the activities of the Eccentric Drama Club together.

Thinking back on it – through the course of our activities at the Eccentric Drama Club, not even once did we practice for the play normally.

The day after the announcement that there was to be no normal forms of practice – Sunday, September 4th.

We were unable to meet as a club at school given that it was a day off, so instead we gathered at a karaoke.

We gathered for a karaoke competition between all the members.

Per Amaniji-senpai: “Firstly, we start with vocal training. Since normal vocal drills are very boring, we’ll be practicing via karaoke instead. Moreover, there’s no better place to express one’s peculiar idiosyncrasies[1] than karaoke!”


Still, and just like what senpai was expecting, everyone laid bare their peculiar idiosyncrasies(?).

Naturally, Rikka gave a solo performance, and poured her heart and soul into her songs (she had consented to having the Eccentric Drama Club watch her performance). Amaniji-senpai too gave it her all and showcased her kink by banging her head to every song.

Given that the performances of Shichimiya and I were overshadowed by those two and that the performances themselves were embarrassing, I’ll omit the details about us singing.

As for Kumin-senpai, she had fallen asleep midway through the session. After she had sung a few songs, it was nap time for her.

For her to be able to sleep in such an environment: it wasn’t normal.

In a sense, she had taken a form that best expressed her most peculiar idiosyncrasy.

Then, on the following days – from September 5th to September 7th – we spent our time after school in the principal’s office, making costumes.

Per Amaniji-senpai: “Since it’s one role per person, we’ll be making unique costumes for the play! The person who makes the costume that most lives up to the idiosyncratic nature of the Eccentric Drama Club wins!”

In a way, that viewpoint of hers was quite reasonable.

As the script originally had for two roles per person (as well as its guerrilla nature), it was originally for the best that our costumes were just our school uniform adorned with small trinkets.

However, since it was now one person per role, it was good for each role’s costume to be as flashy as possible, as that way it became easier to differentiate who was who.

And so, everyone started to make their own costumes.

Over the course of those three days, I had a lot of fun. Making the costumes whilst having pleasant chats with the other club members was great.

Especially since sewing wasn’t my strong point, I was helped by the others in making my costume. In addition to Rikka, who burns with an unusual zeal when it comes to making costumes, I was also aided by Shichimiya, a prodigy whose enthusiasm seemed to rival Rikka’s, and Amaniji-senpai, who had (in a bit of a bad way) an overwhelming sense of colour. Thanks to their help, I believe that I was able to make something good.

As for Kumin-senpai – during the club activities she didn’t nap at all, and instead worked in earnest on making her costume. She was also surprisingly good at it too. When I asked her about how she was so skilled, she puffed her chest out and answered: “I can sew because I sometimes make my own pillowcases~.”

Somehow, girls who can sew have not gone extinct.

Although three days was quite short, everyone had finished on making their costumes (which had matched their owner’s personality to a T), and so today, September 8th, we held a game tournament in the principal’s office.

Per Amaniji-senpai: “It doesn’t feel normal at all, for everyone to be doing stuff like playing games at such a critical period. It’s kind of like playing games the day before a test. So, let’s enjoy ourselves with everything we’ve got!”

So started our enjoyable game time – needless to say, no one was able to match Rikka-san.

She was without peer.

By the way, the game we played was a game that could be played by 5 players at once, Super Bomberman 3 (it was the principal’s personal copy). However, and showing just how peerless she was, we even lost against Rikka 1 v 4.

It goes without saying, but Rikka seemed to have had the most fun.

But, well, looking back on how happy Rikka was, I too could accept what had happened today.

I also had a good time as well.

“From tomorrow onwards it’ll be the cultural festival. Soon… it’s too soon. Recently, it feels that time has been passing too quickly – is there something happening to me?” asked Rikka.

What a cute question.

“Well, it’s the same for me as well, Rikka. After entering high school, time feels as if it’s passed very fast.”

“Is that so? If Yuuta too feels the same way, then it’s alright.”

Relieved, Rikka nodded her head once.

“If Yuuta has the same syndrome, then we’ll be passing away at the same time.”


Was this a disease?

Although if it really were one, it’d be quite the scary disease.

The rapid passing of fun times – although it seemed rather fictional, hearing Rikka talk about me made me feel as if I really did contract such a strange disease.

Yeah. Her words had that sort of power.

“Yuuta… please listen to me for a bit. About tomorrow’s dance: to be honest, I’m actually a little anxious about it. I feel as if some my powers of darkness won’t come out…”


“Yeah, but only just a little. Since it’s my first time doing something like this.”

“…I too am quite anxious about my part; surely, everyone else is too. Even so, I’m sure things will turn out fine. So just do your best, Rikka.”

“…Right. Yeah, if Yuuta says so, then it’s alright.”

After saying that, she nodded her head again. This time, however, it was done bashfully.

For even Rikka to also be feeling anxious about this situation: it made me want to do something to wipe away her unease. What would be a good way of doing that?


…Nothing came to mind.

Guess I’ll just keep pondering about it until tomorrow.

“But as for the play, I’m not worried about it at all. Since Yuuta is together with me.”

“Well… I’m worried about it though… I mean, in the end, we didn’t even practice normally once, did we?”

“I have been practicing by myself, so I’m fine. Right now, together – do you want to practice?”

“It’s fine, I too have been practicing by myself – or rather, been practicing with Yumeha. Even so, anxiety’s still anxiety. I’m not good at performing like you or Shichimiya.”

“That’s not true. Yuuta just needs act naturally as the Dark Flame Master: it’s super simple!”


Though personally, I found that the hardest part.

However, given that I could dramatically increase my own acting abilities by calling on the me of the past for help, there… shouldn’t be a problem on that front.

It would depend on the situation at the time as to whether it could be used though.

I guess I’ve got to get Kumin-senpai angry then.

“Yuuta, your face is a bit weird.”

“Eh, ah, oh, it’s nothing!”

And with a vague statement like that, I tried to brush things off.

As usual, my acting in times of emergencies was awful.

“Really? If that’s the case, then there’s no problem. Since Yuuta had the face of someone who wanted someone else to be angry at him.”

“Isn’t that too definitive for a mere face!?”

“It’s the ability of the Devilish Truth Stare. To know everything about Yuuta.”



She affirmed it immediately.

I’m not sure if I should be happy or scared about it.

After that exchange, Rikka, with a carefree smile, talked at length about tomorrow, the dance, the costumes, and the play.

Like how fun things were going to be.

And how pleasant things were going to be.

And how great things were going to be.

She spoke about it all.

Suddenly – I thought back to how things were several months ago.

Before the two of us started going out, Rikka was always alone. She was expressionless as she attended school; a girl whose head was always tilted when it was time for math.

The days of her being like that seemed so distant that it almost felt nostalgic.

Nowadays, Rikka’s no longer like that at all.

Now – there’s only the Rikka who was happy, who was delighted, who had fun, and was all smiles every day.

That alone was enough to make me feel blessed.

It’s why I too will need to keep doing my best as well.

That’s why I told her this.

“The cultural festival, let’s go enjoy it together.”

“Yeah!” replied Rikka with her best smile.

Because my conversation with Rikka was so enjoyable, I was a bit late in returning home.

It was now almost night-time.

The blood red sky was slowly giving way to an indigo blue.

Having parted ways with Rikka, I was now on my way home.

Currently in my line of sight was the back of a girl walking just a few steps ahead of me.

As she walked by herself, she shook her long twin-tails around, causing her long shadow to move as well.

Twin-tails – it wasn’t quite accurate to call her hair that, given that her hairstyle was a bit different from actual twin-tails, but if I was forced to briefly describe her, I would describe her as a twin-tailed girl.

On the ends of her twin-tails, however, was something dangerous attached –  if you only looked at the shadow cast by the setting sun, you would think that there was a hammer was affixed to the ends of her hair.

In addition, the colour of her hair was similar to the colour of milk tea, a beautiful light brown.

Just from that, I could figure out who she was. There was only one person in the entire world who would fit that description.

Dekomori Sanae.

A girl who Rikka newly contracted as her servant during summer vacation; a girl in her third year of middle school.

As she wasn’t her school uniform, I’m guessing that she was on her way back after having made an outing somewhere.

In any case, she was wearing amazing Lolita-styled clothes. It felt as if I was looking at Rikka.


I mean, although she was merely an acquaintance, given that she was walking right before my eyes (and alone too), that she was a middle school student, and that it was almost night-time, it was probably necessary for me to watch over her so that she doesn’t get caught up with any weird people.

There were enough reasons for me to feel a need to escort her.

…Yeah, that’s right.

Given that I’ve already given thought to escorting her, I would feel very bad should something happen to Dekomori on her way home. As such, I’ll escort her home. We’re more or less acquainted after all.

On that note, it was quite possible that Dekomori might view me as said weird person, but let’s just turn a blind eye to that possibility.

There’s only one person in the entire world who would want for themselves to be treated as a weird person, and that person’s most likely that upperclassman.

With that in mind, I increased my pace and called out to her from behind.

“Oi, Dekomori–!”

It seems that she recognised my voice, as she stopped and looked back.

However, “an acquaintance” seemed to also be the degree in which she knew me.

It appeared that she couldn’t tell who I was, as she glared at me for a bit with eyes as if I was someone suspicious – “Huh? Who’s this? Is this someone one of my friends knows?” was what her eyes seemed to say.

What an oddly specific glare.

“Ah, it’s DFM-death.”

“Hey! Don’t say it abbreviated!”

I have no idea who this ‘DFM’ is.

…But, what I do know for sure is that it’s ‘Dark Flame Master’ in full!

“Aren’t you the selfish person-death. Let’s see now, Dekomori’s pretty sure it was… Door(D) Floor(F) Masker(M)-san-death[2]…?”

“The hell!? You don’t even know what it’s short for!?”

“Pfft, Dekomori is part of the faction who do not use strategy guides-death!”

“Is my full name only listed in a strategy guide or something!?”

Rather, why did that girl randomly say bring strategy guides up!?

What a fascinating leap of logic.

“What-death? Why do you look so surprised? What is it-death? Ah, is it that you found what Dekomori had said so fascinating that you wished for Dekomori to repeat herself-death? Looks like it can’t be helped-death. Why, see, what Dekomori said was that unlike your lowly self, Dekomori is the type of existence that detests the use of strategy guides-death!”

“Your words have no modestly at all! More importantly, isn’t it strange to be using something like this as a pretext to establish that excessively chuunibyou setting!?”

“Chuunibyou? What is the Dark Flame Master on about-death? It seems that you’ve either gone crazy or insane-death. Dekomori’s words were not a pretext for something-death: there weren’t even any parentheses attached-death!”


“To begin with, Dekomori is not infected by a funny disease like that-death. Did you forget-death? Dekomori’s ability is the power to move between the 2D and 3D realm-death!”

“What? That’s dangerous! Bring me along to the 2D realm too!”

As usual, I was feeling envious.

Well, but I mean, anyone would be envious of such an ability.

More importantly though, she remembered that it was the Dark Flame Master.

“By the way, what are you doing in a place like this-death? Ah, is it because of Master? If it were like usual, you were probably flirting with Master while the two of you were together, saying “Rikka Rikka Rikka Rikka Rikka”, weren’t you-death? To be honest, Dekomori envies you-death.”

“Oi, don’t make me such a lovey-dovey type of person. I have never done such a thing. …Though I did part with Rikka here just now.”

“Have never done…? Ah, so it’s like that-death. So you’re that sort of person, the type who excessively flirts only at parting, aren’t you? Dekomori frequently comes across people like you in front of the ticket gates at the train station-death. Dekomori calls people like you a ‘Station Carressing Lover(Station Pet)’-death!”

“Don’t call me something that detestable! But, well… I too see people like that quite often!”

What was up with those type of people anyway?

Why do they do stuff like clinging to each other in public, and getting teary when they part?

“It was meant to be a joke-death. As expected, someone like you was too stupid to figure that out-death. Your brain must be made out of candy-death. Then again, it’s not like that part of you bothers Dekomori and Master-death… Gehehehe…!”

“You know, Dekomori… you are a girl: you should laugh in a cuter manner…”

“Hmph. It seems like you don’t comprehend just how elegant this laugh is-death, kepupupu.”

“That’s not cute at all!”

“Ah! Damn-death! It was a trap-death! You coward-death!”

And, with an expression that signalled that she felt really hurt, Dekomori turned on her heel and walked away.

I had trouble telling if she was walking away due to shock or walking away since she didn’t have any urgent business here. Either way, since her pace was slow, I ended up walking right next to her, and was heading home together with her.

…Was she seriously feeling down? Even though she’s a deko[3].

I highly doubt that that was the case here.

Still, it would be bad if I did end up hurting a middle school girl, and so it was best that I said something positive to her next.

“Um, listen, Rikka’s also likes the way things currently are between you and her. It’s just, well, as you might expect, it’s hard for me to overlook you saying that I act like a Station Carressing Lover(Station Pet).”

“Oh? Suddenly the Door Floor Masker is looking down on Dekomori-death! It can’t be, you’re acting as if you’re her boyfriend?”

“I am her boyfriend! More importantly, don’t try to make that name work!”

What a fast flip-flop that was! Just a moment ago, I was being treated as an overly lovey-dovey boyfriend. Moreover, she wasn’t feeling down at all.

Since her reversal came so fast, I ended up wasting my breath yelling at her.

Why was it a waste of breath? It was because my angry voice didn’t even make Dekomori flinch: rather, she continued on with the conversation.

“? But Master has never said that you were her boyfriend-death?”

“No, but she had said that I’m her contractee, right?”

“If that’s the case, then Dekomori is also Master’s boyfriend, since Dekomori is also contracted to Master as a servant-death!”


You’re okay with being her boyfriend…?

Moreover, she said it whilst wearing a weirdly triumphant expression.

However, I had to be firm here.

“See, in my case, being her contractee – it means being her fiancé.”

“Yikes, it’s a one person bacouple[4]-death!”


I was told by middle school student that I was a one person bacouple.

Well, it is true that I haven’t promised Rikka that I’d marry her, so in that sense it wasn’t inaccurate to call me a one person bacouple…

But then again, what exactly is a one person bacouple?

Isn’t that just an idiot?

“Maybe the rotten commoner isn’t aware of this, but to be someone’s fiancé, don’t you need an engagement ring-death? And since you don’t have one, you must not be her fiancé-death!”

“No, well… yeah, you’re right. Still, you shouldn’t really be saying to someone that they’re something like a “rotten commoner”.”

“Eh? Fine then – Rot! You commoner!”

“The imperative form!? Dekomori, you don’t call your friends or acquaintances things like “rotten commoner”, do you?”

“Hmph… of course not-death. Dekomori is a solitary warrior-death, and so any подругаs[5] that Dekomori has opened her heart to will be called by an appropriate name-death.”


“Kepupu! Don’t you know what that means-death? Looks like in the end, you’re merely just a Dark Flame Master!”

“You still haven’t corrected the way you laugh… Shouldn’t you have already fixed it by now…?

Still, I had a much better impression of her now, since she had stopped calling me a rotten commoner and had instead started to call me by my actual alias.

I’m not sure if I should call that part of her earnest, or thoughtful.

“Oh! It seems that the curse is still effective-death…! As expected, you really are Dekomori’s rival-death! Dekomori will guard Master-death! And then for Dekomori, Master will… Gehehehehehe!”

“Wait, what’s with the yuri[6]-like statements every now and then!?”

“Huh? It’s not like that-death! Dekomori just really respects and admires Master-death! The Dark Flame Master might not understand-death, but to Dekomori Master is a being that Dekomori wants to call onee-sama-death!”

Dekomori’s face was full of resentment as she spoke fervently. And thus, a new fact was discovered.

Dekomori was really, really fond Rikka.

“Onee-sama, let’s use that! On that note, ‘yes, well thought!’ Say that as a reply! Dekomori has always wanted to try something like this at least once!

“Yes, well thought.”

And in the very instant I said that line as a joke – Dekomori’s weapon, what she coins the Mjölnir Hammer, made a crushing blow on my stomach. “Uwaaaaaaa!” is what I would scream if I had to scream what was currently going through my mind.

The blow was so strong that I stopped breathing for a moment.


“Indeed, that attack’s offensive ability was…”

After hitting me, Dekomori then perfectly replicated the trademarked pose.

She was quite the able girl.

“Returning back to the previous topic, about calling Master Onee-sama – ‘That is not my name,’ is what Master said, and so Dekomori calls Master Master-death.”

“O-oh… is that so?”

…Since Rikka was quite popular among girls, I get somewhat suspicious when I hear statements like that.

Even the reserved Kazari-chan seemed to fancy Rikka a lot.

Now that I think about it – I don’t have any male rivals, do I?

“Well, when Dekomori inevitably marries marry Master, Dekomori will be sure to invite you too-death. So just give up-death.”

“‘Just give up’ huh… However, I’d never hand Rikka over!”

“It’s futile-death. According to Dekomori’s sources, first loves are doomed to fail-death!”

“That’s not something that a middle school girl should say! And something like that’s not the case at all!”

“Hah, there are no falsehoods written in the Mabinogion-death!”


This girl, what on earth was she talking about?

As expected of someone currently suffering from chuunibyou, from time to time she begins to start talking nonsense.

Up till just then, we were having, at least in my opinion, a more or less normal conversation. Now, however, I was failing to keep pace with her train of thought.


“Not to say that I understood the meaning behind your words, but what’s the reasoning behind your conduct just now!?”

Please don’t suddenly jump and scream out loud again.

It generally startles the other person. To do it so abruptly makes it seem as if you had picked a fight with them.

“Dekomori was just that surprised-death. That the Dark Flame Master was still incapable of comprehending what both Dekomori’s and his own settings were-death.”

“Don’t say something that harsh so modestly. But, well, somehow, I do get what you’re trying to say. When you say setting, it’s like your position, right? When I was entering high school, I too wondered what my position in the class should be.”

Although, in the end – I ended up being a low-profile sort of character.

Right now, my position is ‘Rikka’s boyfriend’. My presence was so weak that a term like ‘Rikka-chan’s boyfriend’ epitomised the entirety of who I was.

“Kepupu! The ‘Dark’ in Dark Flame Master seems to mean having a faint presence-death! Perhaps you should change your name to ‘Faint Flame Master’-death!”

“Hey, my presence is actually… a little stronger than that…”

I mean, you’re laughing way too much about it. And you still haven’t fixed the way you laugh.

Is laughing like that part of your setting or something? Laugh properly.

“Gehehehehe, it seems that the faint shadow poison is still works-death…! As expected, its effect of reducing you to nothing but a faint shadow lasts for a long time-death!”

“My name’s gradually becoming worse and worse! Listen, my –”

“Reality, be rent! Synapse, break!”

“Listen to me about my name! …And as for what you said just now, that was something that Rikka had also been saying lately.”

“Death! It’s Dekomori’s secret technique-death! Its effect is –”

“…Eh? Effect?”

“By the way, for some reason Master says that there is an aspect of the Dark Flame Master that lives up to the name of Demon King-death – whereabouts is that evil persona-death? As far as Dekomori can tell, you’re someone feeble-death.”

“Oi, tell me about its effect. And, well… about me being the Demon King, don’t worry about it. I no longer have that kind of power anymore.”

“What, so in the end you really were just a small fry compared to Dekomori-death! Geheheh, dea~th!”

“Ha! It was an afterimage!”

Evading the sudden attack from the Mjölnir Hammer (for some reason, my wonderful intuition was telling me I was about to be hit), I struck Dekomori on her small head lightly.

As a result of having avoided both her attack and her stupidity, Dekomori groaned in frustration.

“You, you harmed Dekomori-death. Could it be that you actually were still the Demon King-death? No, must be it-death. Master must have had talked about you being the Demon King because Dekomori had been deceived by you-death! Well, Dekomori has her goddamn eye on you now! As long as Dekomori is Master’s servant, Dekomori will turn Dark Flame Master’s life into finely minced spring onions over the course of three days!”

“What the hell it is that you are trying to say!?”


And with that, Dekomori stopped talking.

It was likely that she got so worked up that it was just her enthusiasm talking, and so she had no idea what it was that she was trying to say.

“The play, so that at best, you’re not doing something like getting in Master’s way – do your best-death.”

“Don’t try to forcibly bring an end the previous conversation! And, huh? How do you know about the play?”

“Death, it’s because Dekomori had communicated via telepathy with Master just the other day-death.”


To not just say something like you called her over the phone: as expected of a patient.

“Oh, thanks, I’ll be sure to keep doing my best. Oh, right, the play will be on next Saturday, and so if you’re interested Dekomori, please come and watch. If you do come, well in that case I’ll be sure to treat you to something.”

“There was no need for Dark Flame Master to ask Dekomori to come – of course Dekomori planned on coming-death. Ah, are you still going to properly treat Dekomori out to something-death?”

Dekomori looked up at me with only her eyes, which emphasised the fact that her eyes were getting teary.

Seeing this part of her reminded me that in the end, she really was just someone a year level below me; a middle school student who stretched her back and stood on her tiptoes to make herself look taller.

I do seem to recall hearing that her family was ridiculously wealthy though…

Still, this felt sort of nostalgic.

It kind of reminds me of the time when I first met Rikka.

An underclassman to me both in terms of being a chuunibyou patient, and in terms of actual age.

To be honest, she kind of feels like another younger sister to me.

“I got it, I got it. I’ll still treat you out to something proper.”

“Gehehe, it appears even the Dark Flame Master can occasionally be nice-death. However, don’t forget-death. Dekomori and Dark Flame Master are beings that can never co-exist together-death! Nothing but death to those who love Master!”

“…Yeah, yeah.”

What a thing to say with a triumphant expression.

I mean, didn’t you also love Rikka? Well, it wasn’t like I could say anything in response about it, since I too could understand that sort of feeling.

“The contract has been established too – well then, since Dekomori must return soon to the battlefield as she is a warrior, here is where we part ways-death.”

“That setting… I like it. Oh, see you.”

After sticking her tongue out at me, Dekomori turned her back towards me and started to make her way back.

Not to the battlefield, but to her own house.

As I looked at her small back, I thought to myself that even she too could get embarrassed, and that I should too should keep doing my best.

Tomorrow’s the cultural festival.

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[1] Same kanji (特殊性癖) for what I’ve translated earlier as “special fetish”, giving Yuuta’s following line its double meaning.

[2] In the original Japanese text, Dekomori remembers DFM as 団(D)地ふ(F)すまも(M)しもし (danchi fusuma moshimoshi; literally Apartment Complex Fusuma [type of Japanese sliding panel] Hello) instead of ダークフレイムマスター (dauku fureimu mastutau). To retain the joke, it is translated here as a bunch of nonsense that rhymes with Dark Flame Master.

[3] A pun lost in translation. Feeling down, or 凹んでる, can also mean ‘cave in’. This (in particular 凹, which by itself can be interpreted as concave) then plays on the next line, 凸なのに, as 凸 can be read as the opposite of 凹 (convex), and the fact that 凸 is part of Dekomori’s name (凸守). The joke here is that Dekomori, much like her name, should be the opposite of 凹, or in this case feeling down. Interestingly, 凸 by itself, at least when read as でこ (deko), also means forehead.

[4] This was an awkward line to translate. In the original line, the phrase “一人バカップル” was used, which when translated literally means “one person idiot couple”. The term バカップル itself is a portmanteau of the words バカ(idiot) and カップル (couple), and refers to a couple that’s either too stupid when it comes to romance or too romantic for their own good. I couldn’t figure out a good way of phrasing the notion of a ‘bacouple’ in this and the following lines, so I left it as-is.

[5] Russian for a female friend.

[6] Slang for girls’ love.

[7] From the line of “Onee-sama, let’s use that!”, to “SUPER INAZUMA ATTACK-DEATH!”, Dekomori and Yuuta are referring to the scene in the series Gunbuster in which the protagonists use the Super Inazuma Kick.

[8] Capitalised and in English in the original text.


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      *Googles it*
      Second page of search results: “Hey I see a result called Chuunibyou LN Vol 3 in a language I don’t know.”


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