Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Volume 3 pdf

Colour pages because they turned out alright in the scanner. As for the rest of the illustrations, they didn’t come well at all, and hence aren’t included. Maybe if someone unbinds and cleans their copy, I’ll update the pdf to include them.

Link to volume 3 here (now with more consistent tenses and less spelling errors!), my thoughts below:

I’ve been working on this volume for almost two years now, and boy is it time-consuming. Particularly given the fact that I don’t know Japanese at all, I’ve probably spent way too much time on translating this. Nevertheless, I don’t regret working on this, given that I wanted to read for myself what happens in volume 3. While I do have mixed feelings about this volume (seriously, why is Dekomori even in this volume at all?), overall I had fun with both translating this volume, and with how the story had turned out.

Onto volume 4:


While I do feel a bit burnt out by volume 3, I also am interesting in seeing what happens in the fourth (and final!) volume. Still, given my slight burnout, and the fact that I’ll likely have less spare time than before, it’s likely I’ll be much slower in translating volume 4 than volume 3 despite the fact that volume 3 is just under 50 pages longer than volume 4.

Image (10).jpg

Oh, and here’s the promotional cover. While I prefer the actual cover, the promotional cover is pretty cool too.


  1. Esto ha sido increíble! Esperé muchos años por encontrar este volumen, me alegro que tu pasión por la novela ligera comenzara su traducción hace tanto tiempo. Si no lo hubieses hecho tú, lo habría hecho yo, creeme. Aunque en Español, claro está…
    Thanks for your work my friend. You´are the best!!!

    Liked by 2 people

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